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Bathroom brand manufacturers should develop online and offline at the same time

Posted on April 01 2022

The industry in earlier years has resisted the Internet, and many bathroom manufacturers even dislike or care nothing about it. But when the Internet popularization and Internet plus mode become popular, a large number of "bathroom fans" have begun to fight online, but a bathroom manufacturer who really wants to be bigger and stronger needs not only the thinking of keeping pace with the times. It is more necessary to do a good job in product innovation and perseverance. At present, under the influence of the Internet trend. Sanitary ware manufacturers must have dual thinking.

Noisy Internet plus, how can bathroom manufacturers help themselves? Internet plus is the "Internet plus all traditional industries", making use of information and communication technology and Internet platform to make the Internet merge with traditional industries and create new development ecology. With the aggressive attack of e-commerce, the sense of crisis of sanitary ware manufacturers is increasing day by day. Prophetic vision of a few brand manufacturers began to take the initiative to "touch the net", take part in training, business trips and other ways to learn how to transform the brand manufacturers in the "Internet plus" era.

However, most sanitary ware manufacturers belong to small and micro brand manufacturers. Due to their own limitations, they can not control the disordered sales channels. Although they have brands, they can not really master the online channels. Even if they touch the Internet to do e-commerce, they will become online retail; Small and medium-sized brand manufacturers have settled in the e-commerce platform, and the diversified market channels have initially seen scale, but the planning is insufficient, and they still stay in the sales stage. They only equate e-commerce with network marketing and sales auxiliary channels. Home furnishing industry, the industry said, "in the new historical period, the traditional brand building manufacturers of home furnishing materials will only be able to build an Internet plus manufacturing supply chain, and will be able to stand on the trend of the times."

In the Internet plus town talk about the Internet plus, the temperature of Internet + is getting hotter and warmer. The traditional bathroom manufacturers may as well calm down. No matter what the boiling Internet thinking is, or the current mobile Internet plus, it is the only way to make products that consumers can't put their hands on. Today, when all of us talk about the Internet plus era, for the traditional bathroom manufacturers, the cool Internet thinking is also less than the brand name of the product. From the present point of view, most bathroom manufacturers prefer to use "Internet plus" as their promotional method, not the main marketing means.

Although many sanitary ware manufacturers are committed to the o2o double line sales model, the concept of "products are fundamental" is still the persistence of many building materials brand manufacturers.

In the face of the Internet and products, traditional bathroom manufacturers are also eager to participate in sharing the Internet cake, but in the end, everyone often finds that although Internet thinking can once become the core competitiveness of brand manufacturers, in the traditional industry dominated by customization, in the end, only real products can catch the hearts of brand manufacturers and users, This is the "east wind" that bathroom manufacturers should seize.