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Bathroom brand market trend high-end brands are developing rapidly

Posted on April 01 2022

In 2015, favorable factors such as the continuous rise of the real estate market and the export market increased the market demand for bathroom brand home decoration, which is easier to do than in previous years. Industry insiders believe that this year is a good year for bathroom brand businesses. The high morale of the market will increase the pace of the development of the bathroom brand industry. Every industry development will also face a "reshuffle", many weak bathroom brand manufacturers will be eliminated, and a number of manufacturers will rise strongly to form a new market pattern.

         Brand awareness depends not only on the quality of products and the publicity of manufacturers, but also on the service level of dealers. The product quality is mainly guaranteed by the manufacturer. Dealers' control over product quality is weak. However, what kind of service to provide to consumers can be mastered by dealers. The brands of small and medium-sized dealers are mainly middle and low-end products, and there are often some problems in the after-sales service of these products. When the manufacturer cannot provide superior after-sales service, small and medium-sized dealers can also obtain superior reputation through improving their service level and after-sales service ability.

         Dealers need to do more than that if they want to build a service brand. The service provided by dealers to consumers should be more careful and perfect in order to win a good reputation of consumers. When consumers enter the store to select products, dealers should be as enthusiastic as old friends; When consumers are indecisive and repeatedly interrogate the price of products, dealers should answer patiently; When quality problems appear, dealers should have the courage to take responsibility and deal with them properly; After the product is used for a period of time, the dealer should ask the consumer if there are any problems in the process of product use. When the dealer's service falls into the details, the service brand will be established.

         At present, in the domestic environment, on the one hand, the franchise agent of sanitary ware brand should attack the national market, on the other hand, it should keep the advantage of the manufacturer in the regional market. Therefore, pressure will coexist with opportunity. These difficulties did not hinder the second tier brands from entering the country.

         In terms of the market planning of the second-line bathroom brand franchise agent, it has begun a national planning, which is an important step to become a national brand. The second sign is that after these brands strive to become regional strong brands, they should also soak in the surrounding provinces and cities. Bathroom brand experts pointed out that these strategies are not perfect and mature enough, but they once had the intention to break through the national market. Although the sanitary ware brand industry still has a long way to go to the whole country, the sanitary ware brand manufacturers will persevere.

         The expansion trend of bathroom brand agent has fallen behind, and the market competition of bathroom brand has entered a new stage. The first-line sanitary ware brand franchise agents that have done relatively well are effectively implementing the national promotion plan. This strategic change has greatly stimulated the ambition of the second-line sanitary ware brand franchise agents to compete in the national market.

         From the introduction period to the growth period and then to the maturity period, the "rules of the game" of the market are different in each development stage, and the market planning, business model and marketing model formulated by bathroom brand manufacturers and floor dealers are also different. At present, the market competition of sanitary ware brand is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers have a deeper and deeper understanding of sanitary ware brand, which also puts forward higher requirements for product and service quality. This requires businesses to keep up with the pace of market development, understand what the market and consumers need, and formulate effective business models and develop marketable products.

         Analysis: high-end route or outlet of Chinese sanitary ware brand

         If a person or a manufacturer takes himself too low, it will seriously affect his own development. This truth can't be simpler. If the bathroom brand manufacturer sets its annual sales target at 100, the manufacturer will strive for it with the action of reaching 100. If the manufacturer's goal is set at 120, it will guide the manufacturer to spend 120 efforts to achieve the correct goal. That is to say, the reason why people need to have goals is that to be a good manufacturer needs a great blueprint. Chinese sanitary ware brand manufacturers should not only survive in a small area, but should set their goals in Asia and the world.

Even if our Chinese sanitary ware brand manufacturers do not have the ability to achieve an international strong brand, we can give full play to our maximum ability with great goals. Besides, what are the possible and impossible in this world? The manufacturer that announced a great increase in performance yesterday may declare bankruptcy this morning. Therefore, don't take an overly ordinary concept with everything. If you think you are an ordinary manufacturer, can you still develop your own manufacturer into a large manufacturer?

         Therefore, our Chinese sanitary ware brand manufacturers should take the high-end route and take the way of holding high to attack the Asian market and the international market. With a fierce way of seeing God kill God and seeing the enemy kill the enemy, competition not only needs strength, but also needs an ambition and a belief in winning. Bathroom brand manufacturers can achieve the real high-end brand goal only by putting themselves in a high-end position. Let's talk about what is high-end.

         The so-called high-end is mainly reflected in three aspects. Here, we first exclude the traditional concept that the manufacturer's history is also a main content of the high-end. In fact, what is the relationship between the length of the manufacturer's history? As long as the manufacturer manages well so that the employees have a responsible and positive attitude, can't such a manufacturer beat the old manufacturers who are negative and neglect?

         First of all, high-end manufacturers must have their own personality. If your product route is to imitate others, can such a route leave a deep impression on consumers?

         Secondly, high-end manufacturers must have advanced technology. If products only focus on appearance rather than connotation, such products are easy to be imitated and eliminated. Only by locking consumers with high-end technology can they be attributed to them.

         Third, the design style of bathroom brand products must be diversified and keep pace with the times. Only in line with the trend can we attract more customers to visit.