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Bathroom faucet is faulty. How should I repair it myself

Posted on April 01 2022

Fault 1: the water outlet of the sanitary faucet is bifurcated or the water volume is reduced, and there is no bubble phenomenon

Reasons: froth filter screen fouling or debris clogging (bubbling device for sanitary faucet out of the whole structure of the nozzle, the role of the water bath faucet through the bath water bubbles out of the bath.

Method: remove the water outlet nozzle and clean the filter screen

Fault 2: the water output of sprinkler is small and the water output is forked

Cause: low water pressure or sundries in the shower head are blocked

Methods: unscrew the shower, take out the rubber washer with filter screen at the shower inlet, or clean the top spray of the shower

Fault 3: there is noise in the body or piping when closing the sanitary faucet

Cause: the water pressure at home is too high; The handle of sanitary faucet closes rapidly; Poor fixation of cold and hot water pipes; There are obstacles in the water inlet pipe, resulting in sharp changes in water pressure.    

Methods: reduce the water supply pressure (turn down the triangle valve) to avoid rapidly closing the bathroom faucet for reconstruction, clean the pipeline, and check whether the water pipe and connected objects (such as water purifier and water heater) have bad combination.  


Fault 4: it is difficult to adjust the temperature, and the water temperature often changes

Cause: the pressure difference between cold and hot water is too large, or the ability of water heater to improve water temperature is not enough

Methods: turn down the hot and cold triangle valve of the water heater (turn counterclockwise) to balance the pressure and ensure that the water temperature of the water heater can keep up with the water outlet speed

Fault 5: unable to obtain higher water temperature

Cause: the power of water heater is insufficient and the position of temperature control knob is wrong

Method: adjust the temperature control knob or use a high-power water heater

Fault 6: water leakage at the connection between hose and sanitary faucet

Cause: improper installation, deformation of rubber ring, uneven or too thin outlet pipe joint

Method: replace the rubber ring and reinstall it. When installing the hose joint, do not use too much force, resulting in damage to the leather pad of the water pipe

Fault 7: the water output of washbasin sanitary faucet and kitchen sanitary faucet is small and does not bubble

Cause: the bubbler cannot produce bubbles due to low water pressure

Method: remove the faucet of sanitary faucet and replace the bubbler