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Bathroom manufacturers investment: Yading bathroom

Posted on April 02 2022

Joining advantage

1. Professional management:

Develop, produce and sell sanitary ware products in a professional spirit, and strive to gain market leadership in this field;

2. Brand strategy:

Accelerate product development speed, improve product quality, perfect unified image, perfect after-sales service, and strive to become a well-known brand of bathroom products in China and even the world;

3. Loyalty marketing:

Provide loyalty to dealers and consumers with stable quality, value-for-money products and fast and complete series of services;

4. Win-win marketing:

To guide and handle the relationship with partners with the strategic idea of ​​"win-win marketing", "customer wins first, long-term cooperation" is the company's consistent principle and long-term goal;

5. Service concept:

The company always adheres to the service tenet of "customer first, service first". Only by making the service so that consumers and distributors have no worries, can we ensure customer real satisfaction.

Join conditions:

1. Concept: Have a strong brand operation consciousness and concept, and provide specific solutions for the operation of Yading

2. Strength: Investment required for decoration, stocking, and brand promotion

3. Team: Professional sales team with more than 5 people

4. Experience: Operating middle and high-end sanitary products, with more than 3 years of operating experience

5. Storefront: The local high-end building materials market offers over 60 square meters of exclusive stores or exclusive areas

6. Restrictions: There are no competing brands in the same grade and category and other brands that imitate Yading

7. Terminal: Produced according to Yading's national unified decoration construction drawings, and sampled according to unified standards

8. Price: The price and discount are fully implemented in accordance with the unified standard of Yading

9. Products: Yading's independent stores must not display any other brand products except Yading

Joining process:

1. Read the company's investment promotion information in detail. You can obtain it from our staff, determine the intention of joining, and fill in the application for joining;

2. Franchisees conduct on-site inspections of agent cities and business districts to make preliminary preparations;

3. The company investigates the information and credit of franchisees, and surveys and evaluates the franchise regions and stores;

4. Make detailed communication with the person in charge of the marketing department of our company on the specific matters of cooperation and negotiate the joining contract;

5. After the company's review of the intended franchisee is qualified, sign a formal franchise chain contract and pay the deposit at the same time for relevant procedures;

6, in accordance with the franchise store decoration standards under our guidance, complete the store design and decoration;

7. Our regional marketing service personnel cooperate to complete logistics distribution and franchise store display;

8. The company conducts all-round training on franchising management and technology for franchisees;

9. The store is qualified and the samples enter the terminal market operation stage after the samples are put on the shelves. The company regularly guides the operations.

1. Advertising support

The nation's strong media portfolio such as television, print, and Internet was launched to fully support franchisees in exploring the local market.

2. Information sharing support

The company will ensure that the company's internal information is shared with customers as soon as possible in order to adjust market strategies in a timely manner.

3. Professional training support

The company will provide various trainings in the early and operational stages, and will hold customer training and experience exchange activities from time to time.

4. Promotion planning support

The company will provide event planning support for national large-scale unified promotions, regional promotions on holidays, and other publicity materials required for various activities for free.

5, terminal image support

With a professional team of professional storefront research, space design, and display design, it continuously optimizes and innovates the store image to meet the needs of regional market expansion.

6.Market analysis guidance

For newly-joined customers, it helps to conduct a series of feasibility analysis such as field market survey, business circle analysis, and market competition environment to ensure that the brand is successfully introduced into the market.

7. Professional marketing planning

Have senior market research and planning staff. Continuous product promotion programs and brand activities throughout the year, supported by headquarter advertising.

8. Operational support

Strictly divide the national market, ensure that the region is the only one to join, and enjoy the region's excellent brand benefits; continuous new technology development; and high-quality after-sales service.

From the beginning of doing foreign trade to starting to set foot in the domestic market, Yading's domestic market is also increasing rapidly. The idea of ​​Yading's domestic market is that it is better than lacking. We must make a place fine when we make a place, so We are relatively strict in selecting distributors. This may lose a little efficiency, but it will maximize our guarantee of quality and implementation of our brand. We hope that we can make steady progress and make good progress in the domestic market step by step. The company's marketing channels are mainly dealers' cooperation. It may be developed as a marketing center later this year. In a state where production and sales are separated, the company specializes in production. The marketing center may be located in a first-tier city such as Shanghai or Beijing.

Yading Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded on July 18, 2001. After more than 10 years of hard work, it has grown from a 500,000 capital fund and 11 employees to a modern joint-stock company with total assets of 350 million yuan and 1,300 employees. Ding Sanitary Ware Industrial Park is located on the beautiful Xin'an River in Jiande City, Hangzhou, covering a total area of ​​360 acres.

Yading administers Yading Sanitary Ware Industrial Design and Research Institute, leading hardware production center, bath cabinet production center, shower room production center, and Jiande City Yading Coating Industry Co., Ltd. four major production entities and international marketing centers, China marketing centers, electricity Business center three sales departments, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end faucets, bathroom hardware, bath cabinets, shower rooms.

For more than ten years, Yading has adhered to the corporate tenet of "design is king, quality wins". All products are independently designed and developed. So far, it has more than a thousand design patents and dozens of utility model patents. Awards in design competitions: "German iF Design Award", "German Federal Republic Design Award", "Gold Award for Product Innovation Design of Chinese Enterprises", "China Innovation Design Award Red Star Award", "China Innovation Design Award Red Cotton Supreme Award" and many more. The company's chairman and president Yu Guang was awarded the "2010 Top Ten Elite Figures in Hangzhou Industrial Design".

Yading has been awarded the "Top 50 Most Innovative Enterprises in China in 2006" and "Top 100 Most Valuable Investment Companies of Zhejiang Businessmen in 2011". Since 2008, it has been awarded "Top 100 Chinese Kitchen and Bathroom Enterprises" and "China Sanitary Ware" for four consecutive years. "Top Ten Hardware Enterprises", Yading brand won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand", "Zhejiang Famous Brand", "China's Top Ten Bathroom Leading Brands", "China's Top Ten Bathroom Cabinet Brands" and other awards.

Yading passed ISO9001 quality system certification, faucet products passed the extremely stringent CUPC certification of the United States and Canada, ACS certification in France, Australia WATERMARK certification.

11In November 2011, the "Yading" brand was identified as "China's Well-known Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Yading products have been used and appreciated by tens of millions of households around the world. With excellent original design and top product quality, Yading has fully ranked among the world's top sanitary ware manufacturers.