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Bathroom manufacturers need to rely on quality to win the market

Posted on March 02 2023

In order to cater to consumers who are more difficult to serve, bathroom experts often throw out the temptation of low prices to attract attention. However, for businesses that really live in the terminal market, they will understand that consumers are not so good "pits". Only real high-quality products can win the market terminal. Price war alone can not make enterprises get out of the downturn, It will also ruin the future of the enterprise.

Young consumer groups focus on manufacturers and personality, and the price war can not meet their needs

With the post-80s and 90s gradually becoming the main consumers in the market, young consumers' demand for bathroom products is not limited to product price, but pay more attention to the quality and environmental protection of bathroom. According to the survey, at present, the price of sanitary ware has touched the bottom line, and the price reduction in the second half of the year is also a very small range. "Moreover, large-scale enterprises or listed companies also make strategic losses to seize the market, and the high cost performance is unmatched by small and medium-sized factories."

Bathroom terminal market depends on quality to win, and price war is difficult

Nowadays, consumers pay more and more attention to manufacturers and quality, and are more and more rational about low prices. Enterprises are less and less likely to make profits through price war. At a dead end, the price war of sanitary ware manufacturers is obviously out of time. For the development trend of bathroom terminal products, people in the industry said categorically: "just as all commodities and consumption have developed to a mature stage, the future of bathroom terminal must be the high-quality products of manufacturers and enterprises. Although there are many constraints on prices, channels and so on."

Blind price war has become a black sheep, hindering the long-term development of sanitary ware manufacturers

For the low price sales of products in the bathroom market, it can be divided into the following three aspects: first, the clearance of overstocked products. In order to quickly deal with the return of funds from inventory, low price selling is adopted; Second, reduce prices for specific products in specific time periods and regions, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly occupying the market in a short time; The third is to attack the market strategically according to the market competition of competitors; Fourth, as a marketing tactical means, the strategy and competitive products specially set according to the enterprise profit model to ensure market sales. It is undeniable that there are still quite a number of black sheep in the industry. For short-term interests and windfall profits, they disrupt the market with fake, inferior and low-quality low-cost products.

More and more manufacturers are also aware that the blind "price war" is extremely unfavorable to both the development of the enterprise itself and the development of the industry. On the premise of the depression of the economic environment, we should look at the current situation of the development of the industry more rationally. Only by keeping up with the pace of the times, changing the traditional concept of its own operation, accurately analyzing the industry situation, making good planning, constantly carrying out R & D and innovation, tapping the potential market demand, finding advantageous products suitable for the enterprise itself and compressing the product line, can the enterprise break out of the siege in the subdivided market and win the market.

Way out: the construction of manufacturers is still only strategically important and has become one of the key factors in the competition of sanitary ware manufacturers

Price wars are common in the bathroom market, but the actual utility is decreasing. At the same time, the disorder of the price war leads to the chaos of the whole market, and a series of terrible chain reactions follow. What's more, many businesses have suffered serious damage and even faced liquidation and bankruptcy. Facing such a severe situation, sanitary ware manufacturers should no longer blindly jump into the candy trap of low price competition, and must lock the primary task for manufacturer construction.

Once, sanitary faucet manufacturers launched low-cost products, and a large number of consumers always flocked to them. Nowadays, people's consumption point is no longer limited to low prices, but more inclined to the quality of products and the degree of environmental protection. In the hearts of the consumers, few sanitary ware manufacturers have formed their image, so that consumers can't name several big sanitary ware manufacturers. This also shows that the sanitary ware industry has not formed a solid manufacturer awareness in the hearts of consumers.

Therefore, with the gradual maturity of the market and the gradual scale of enterprise production, the development of sanitary ware manufacturers can not only rely on price to win the market. On the one hand, in the case of rapid decline in product cost control and overcapacity, sanitary ware manufacturers can only build their own advantages from the aspects of technology, sales form and channel expansion; On the other hand, manufacturer construction is an eternal topic. Only by adhering to the road of manufacturers can we occupy an advantage in the white hot market competition.

In short, quality and service materials are the focus of the development of sanitary faucet manufacturers. The price war is feasible in the short term, but not in the long term.