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Bathroom manufacturers: pay attention to Internet plus

Posted on April 01 2022

In 2015, Internet plus is a popular keyword in the major media. In recent 10 years, the impact or subversion of the Internet on traditional industries has attracted the attention of business decision-makers. The most traditional manufacturing industry - sanitary ware manufacturers, at this stage of development, must also pay close attention to and integrate into the Internet in order to obtain market share in the competition. When people's attention is gradually attracted by the mobile phone screen, and when the "bow head family" begins to be seen everywhere, bathroom manufacturers should realize that the mobile Internet is the general trend. Keeping pace with the times is the most basic quality that a bathroom manufacturer needs to have. Today, with the increasing popularity of smart phones, bathroom manufacturers must keep up with the pace of mobile Internet.

         Enterprise's own reform, looking for new engine: Internet plus

         Mobile Internet will soon be an important entrance for all platforms, including enterprise portal or wechat public platform. With the popularization of terminals, the decline of tariffs and the improvement of infrastructure and services, China is bound to usher in the next round of great growth of mobile Internet users. The integration, penetration and subversion of the Internet in the bathroom industry can hasten the transfer of industries. Now China's economy has entered a new normal. The information economy with the Internet as the core will insert new wings for China's next round of development, and the Internet will also be a new engine for China's economic transformation and upgrading. The most sanitary ware manufacturers must maintain a learning attitude, treat the Internet with a new vision and understand the Internet. Transplant the resources of sanitary ware manufacturers directly to the resources and platforms of the Internet.

         More and more people rely on mobile phones for information

         As the saying goes, "the new dynasty changes the old minister", which can also be used to explain the revolutionary changes from the Internet era to the mobile Internet era. Mobile Internet is the product of the integration of mobile and Internet. It inherits the advantages of sharing, opening and interaction between mobile and the Internet anytime, anywhere. It is an "upgraded version" integrating the two advantages, that is, operators provide wireless access and Internet enterprises provide various mature applications.

         In the face of the strong mobile Internet market, the team of "bow head family" is becoming larger and larger. In order to develop and grow, China's sanitary ware manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized sanitary ware manufacturers, need to keep pace with the times and keep up with the pace of the development of the times.

         Bathroom manufacturers should take advantage of the fragmented time of mobile Internet

         The mobile Internet era has a far-reaching impact on the development of the bathroom industry. And really promoted the formation of a networked society. The "personalized" needs of individual users converge to form a new world with the characteristics of "collectivization". These groups have distinctive characteristics and will drive the continuous development of technology and application. Mobile Internet can efficiently meet people's "fragmented" needs at different times and places through the network platform, which are often new minority needs that traditional industries can't meet or have never met.

         In short, under the framework of Internet plus, the bathroom manufacturers must have a learning mentality and be good at finding the integration of the Internet with their enterprises, so as to promote the development of bathroom manufacturers.