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Brand and development of China's sanitary ware industry

Posted on April 01 2022

Is there the most powerful "chest ware" in the bathroom brand industry? "There is a sword in the heart but no sword in the hand" is the highest level pursued by swordsmen. In other words, the most powerful weapon lies not in the visible outside, but in the internal wisdom and enterprise spirit.

I remember a master once said that the economy of the 21st century is all entertainment economy. It seems that this statement is very reasonable. In recent years, although many people oppose speculation and advertising war, CCTV's advertising revenue continues to rise. Even Zhao Benshan's Spring Festival Gala performance over the past few years can not do without embedded advertising.

If you have any profound views on the ceramic sanitary ware brand industry, I personally think there are too few entertainment and design elements, but too many elements of deliberate imitation and simple reproduction. From the perspective of marketing, it still stays in the competition for sales channels and cannot rise to the level of channel competition. It can even be said that the faucet industry as a whole still stays in product manufacturing, and the understanding of bathroom brand and design is still very low. An industry veteran said that the national brand has created a sales model such as large exhibition hall, which can be summarized as channel innovation, and this innovation obviously still stays in the aspect of expanding the scale. Oppose rough manufacturing and simple processing. That's selling blood. But after so many years, we are very sad to see that the phenomenon of selling blood has not disappeared, but is becoming more and more common.

In recent years, the scale of new sanitary ware factories has become larger and larger, and there are more and more new production areas, but the market space has not increased. On the contrary, the real estate has been continuously suppressed by the government, the export environment has been deteriorating, and the price competition and scale competition have become an overwhelming force. The high fixed cost investment and advertising investment make ceramic enterprises and dealers become migrant workers. The reasons are as follows: first, the cost of decoration and rent is too high; second, it is affected by the fluctuation of the real estate market.

Therefore, when many people are cheering for the construction of thousands of mu of factories and the addition of thousands of square meters of exhibition halls, we should probably calm down. In the long run, I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. In addition to working hard on scale, can we find a way of life that sells wisdom and entertainment instead of blood? How to find the killer "chest ware" in the bathroom brand industry?

First of all, can we consider the apple model and take the road of innovation and design. Whether Apple makes MP3 or iPhone phones, they do not consider conventional means such as diverse styles, strange shapes and ultra-low prices. Instead, it increases the use performance and entertainment functions of the product, so that consumers can feel pleasant enjoyment. On the contrary, most brands are still struggling with models, prices and channels.

Many people always think that only Italy can design, so they always place their hope on inviting several foreign designers to design several models that can beat the world. But rarely willing to test their own enterprise strategy, brand and other deep-seated problems. Is it because the Chinese are too stupid to design? In this year's bathroom brand industry, more than ten brands that have won the red cotton award and red star award have suddenly emerged. Obviously, we Chinese do not know how to design, but sanitary ware manufacturers did not pay attention to design at all, but were obsessed with "Italian original design". It not only belittles the height of the brand, but also seriously frustrates the motivation and cohesion of the team.

Secondly, can we consider taking the model of Nike, Adidas and Foxconn and taking the road of specialization. Nike and Adidas are specialized in brand operation, while Foxconn is specialized in production and manufacturing. In the industry, "large and complete" and "small and complete" have become the mainstream. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and the most important one is that their own production profits are high or their own production is reassuring. From another point of view, Nike and Adidas have low quality and low profit. Obviously, this reason is not tenable. However, under the guidance of this kind of thinking, we always worry about the site and inventory. When the business is good, there will be no supply or shipment. If the market fluctuates slightly, the warehouses will pile up.

Let the cold products become full of aura, and let the manufacturers become a vivid and dynamic group. Finally, wisdom and creativity will replace kilns and exhibition halls to truly show the strength and brand spirit of sanitary ware manufacturers.