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Brand export status of Nanan sanitary faucet manufacturer

Posted on April 01 2022

Brand export status of Nanan sanitary faucet manufacturers in September, Nanan exported $230 million of sanitary faucets, a year-on-year increase of 16.2%. In September, the export of sanitary ware brand was US $40.38 million, a significant increase of 56.6%. The main export varieties are sanitary products, ceramic statues and other decorations, ceramic tiles, porcelain tableware, etc.

Among them, Europe and the United States are the main export markets, with the United States accounting for us $52.21 million, a year-on-year increase of 7.7%; Affected by the EU's formal imposition of tariffs on Sanitary Ware brands imported from China, they were exported to the EU for us $52.87 million, a year-on-year decrease of 9.6%, accounting for nearly 50% of the total export value of Sanitary Ware brands in Nan'an City in the same period, followed by ASEAN and other regions.

In recent years, international anti-dumping sanctions against the export of domestic sanitary ware brands have been rising one after another. In addition to the European Union, Mexico, Brazil and other countries have also launched anti-dumping investigations on the export of domestic sanitary ware brands. Recently, the customs union composed of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus decided to impose safeguard tariffs on imported ceramic sanitary ware from September 29, 2021.

It is reminded that Youlai sanitary faucet manufacturers should strengthen brand innovation and scientific research investment, create a new sanitary brand sanitary industry with green high-end and high added value, timely track and analyze international market and policy changes, actively respond to trade frictions in the export of sanitary brands, make rational use of international trade rules and safeguard their own interests.