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Brand Upgrade and Development of Nanan Sanitary Ware Manufacturers

Posted on April 02 2022

When it comes to China's three major sanitary ware brand hardware production areas, Nan'an, Fujian is second to none. In recent years, the development of Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers 'branded hardware has been flourishing. The development of Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers' branded hardware is undergoing a transformation and transformation. Just like the rise of the Shishi footwear brand in Jinjiang ten years ago, whether it is a large enterprise or a second- or third-tier brand, Nanan ’s sanitary ware brand hardware company is also stepping up to branding.

"Supply, production, and sales" as the most basic guarantee for the survival and development of an enterprise, is the "internal strength" that every bathroom manufacturer brand sanitary enterprise must cultivate. "Production and sales" has always been the focus of attention of enterprises and the media as the key link of the company's product formation and market entry. The "supply" link seems to be only a relatively "private" part of the enterprise, and the media has rarely reported it. The supply chain is smooth, the company's development can only be backed up, the quality of the supplier can be guaranteed, and the branding strategy of the sanitary enterprise can be put on the agenda.

The branding process of Junanan sanitary ware manufacturer's brand sanitary ware

Taonan City is located in the central area of ​​the "Golden Triangle" in southern Fujian on the southeast coast of Fujian Province, facing Baodao and Taiwan across the sea. Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturer's brand industry originated in the 1970s. From the 1970's, Luncang Town in Nan'an City is well-known as the "Hometown of Ironworking" and is one of the earliest domestic bases engaged in the manufacture and sales of sanitary ware manufacturers' brand industry. In the early 1980s, Luncang town sanitary ware brand valve enterprises developed rapidly and gradually became an important production base for sanitary ware brand valves and sanitary wares nationwide. It is known as "a township enterprise's branch of flowers" and "hometown of sanitary manufacturer brands". . After 30 years of development, Nan'an has become one of the three major sanitary ware brand industrial bases in China.

Nan'an Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Brand Sanitary industry is based on Fujian Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Brand Industrial Park, with "Central Sanitary Ware Brands Hometown" Luncang Town and "Chinese Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Valve Base Town" Yingdu Town as the core. Currently there are more than 600 Sanitary ware manufacturer and brand enterprise with an annual output value of more than 7 billion yuan, occupying half of the domestic market. Nanan's Chinese sanitary ware manufacturer brand city, with more than 1,200 product display shops, is currently the largest, highest-quality, most professional sanitary ware brand professional market in the country. In order to further increase the scale and level of the market, the third phase of the China Sanitary Ware Manufacturer Brand City with a total investment of 400 million yuan is accelerating the construction progress. This project focuses on the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known brand enterprises and will build the nation's largest sanitary ware brand industry technology exchange and Consulting and publishing platform.

Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers and brand sanitary ware companies have performed well in branding operations. In 2005, there were 7 sanitary ware manufacturers and brands in the first batch of "Chinese Famous Brands" in the country, and Nanan accounted for 4 (Jiu Mu, Zhong Yu, Brilliant , Shen Luda). Fujian also has 6 national inspection-free products and 8 Chinese well-known trademarks, including the above four.

Junanan Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Brand Sanitary ware companies have in recent years adopted the model of "stars + advertising + marketing", which has greatly expanded the brand's influence. Today's Nanan sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary industry has a lot of similarities with the Jinjiang Shishi shoes and clothing industry ten years ago to invite celebrity endorsements and advertise on CCTV. The first-line brands represented by Zhongyu, Brilliant, Shenluda, Jiumu, etc. are well-known throughout the country and even the world. The development of second-tier brands represented by special porcelain, Honglang, Legu, Longer, TOCC, Hengtong, Ogilvy, Shenwang, Ailang, Shenda, etc. is strong, in addition, there are many emerging brands It is springing up like bamboo shoots.

Visit suppliers to analyze the supply chain of Nanan health enterprises

When it comes to the supply and marketing force of Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers 'brand sanitary ware production areas, there is no better known in the industry than Nan'an, which has nearly 300,000 marketing forces, and controls nearly 80% of the sales terminals of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers' sanitary wares. With the rise of Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers 'brand sanitary industry, suppliers also play an increasingly important role. Recently, this reporter visited some Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers' sanitary ware companies and their suppliers, and found that these companies are the supplier's choice. There has also been a quiet change.

In the past, Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers and brand companies most sought for suppliers with certain quality and high cost performance. With the improvement of branding and stable quality, suppliers with higher brands became Nanan enterprises. At this time, prices have slowly begun to give way to brands. During the visit, the reporter learned that the well-known supplier's market position in Nan'an is gradually emerging. As for Ningbo “Wanhai spool”, which is the supply of spools, its market share in Nan'an second-tier brands has reached more than 80%. Among them, Zhongyu and Brilliant accounted for half. And another Nanhai “Haijue bathroom” specializing in flushing valves was established only a few years ago, but with the stability of quality, it also occupies half of the river in this area, including Zhongyu, Shenluda, Longer, Apple King and other first-tier and second-tier brands also choose their products.

As we all know, the customer groups of suppliers and sanitary ware manufacturers are completely different. Suppliers face sanitary ware companies, while sanitary ware companies face dealers and end consumers. This requires that the demands of both A difference. As the brand of Nan'an bathroom gradually matures, many previous non-branded companies gradually transform into branding, which will inevitably lead to their increasing demand for the supply market, which will drive bathroom manufacturers and brands to raise higher expectations for suppliers. Requirements.

Sanitary ware manufacturers brand Sanitary ware companies first need to ensure the quality of their products. To ensure the quality of their products, they must require the suppliers' products to be guaranteed in quality and have continuous stability. Sanitary ware manufacturers Brand Sanitary ware companies generally do not change suppliers often in order to ensure the quality and stability of their products, so they are very strict and demanding in selecting suppliers. At this time, suppliers will only be purchased if they do their own products well. Business favor.

The quality of supplier products is of course the core, and the role of word of mouth marketing in the supply chain is also very important. The relationship between the supplier and the sanitary enterprise is more real than the relationship between the sanitary enterprise and the consumer. The sanitary enterprise can speculate on the concept and can use various methods to promote sales. However, the relationship between the supplier and the sanitary enterprise is a real interest relationship that affects the sanitary enterprise. Survival, sanitary ware companies cannot choose your products in large numbers after seeing your publicity, so the supplier can survive and develop only by doing a good job of itself and constantly winning the approval of the buyer.

As a sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware company, how to obtain high-quality, high stability and cost-effective "OEM products" is an important foundation for sanitary ware brand sanitary enterprises to maintain their survival and development. With the continuous deepening of branding, it is impossible for enterprises to produce all their products independently. A large part must rely on a strong supply group, and the production workshop must be extended to the production workshops of various suppliers. Therefore, how to build a stable and efficient supply chain is a key issue that Nan'an bathroom manufacturers must consider and operate.