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Brand upgrading and development of Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers

Posted on April 02 2022

Mention China's three major bathroom manufacturers brand hardware production areas, the first is Fujian Nan'an. In recent years, the development of brand hardware of Nan'an sanitary faucet manufacturer can be described as wind and water. The development of brand hardware of Nan'an sanitary faucet manufacturer is undergoing a change and transformation. Just like the rise of Jinjiang Shishi shoes and clothing brand ten years ago, both large enterprises and second and third tier brands, Nanan bathroom manufacturers and brand hardware enterprises are also moving towards branding step by step.

"Supply, production and marketing", as the most basic guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises, is the "internal skill" that every sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware enterprise must cultivate. "Production and marketing", as the key link of enterprise product forming and going to the market, has always been the focus of enterprises and the media, and the link of "supply" seems to be only the "private" part of the enterprise, and there are few reports in the media. Only when the supply chain is smooth, the enterprise development can be backed up, the supplier quality can be guaranteed, and the brand strategy of sanitary ware enterprises can be put on the agenda.

Nan'an City is located in the central area of the "Golden Triangle" in Southern Fujian on the southeast coast of Fujian Province, facing Taiwan across the sea. The brand industry of Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers originated in the 1970s. From the 1970s, Luncang town of Nan'an City is a well-known "hometown of iron", and it is one of the earliest bases engaged in the manufacturing and sales of sanitary ware manufacturers' brand industry in China. In the early 1980s, the brand valve enterprise of sanitary ware manufacturers in Luncang town developed rapidly, and gradually became an important production base of brand valves and sanitary ware of sanitary ware manufacturers in China. It is known as "a flower of township enterprises" and "hometown of brand of sanitary ware manufacturers". After 30 years of development, Nan'an has become one of the three major brand industrial bases of sanitary ware manufacturers in China.

Nanan sanitary ware factory brand sanitary ware industry relies on Fujian sanitary ware factory brand industrial park, with Luncang Town, the "hometown of Chinese sanitary ware factory brand" and Yingdu Town, the "brand valve base town of Chinese sanitary ware factory", as the core. At present, there are more than 600 sanitary ware factory brand enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 7 billion yuan, accounting for half of the domestic market. The brand city of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers in Nan'an, with more than 1200 product display stores, is the professional market of sanitary ware manufacturers with the largest scale, the highest grade and the strongest professionalism in China. In order to further improve the scale and level of the market, the phase III project of China bathroom manufacturer brand city with a total investment of 400 million yuan is accelerating the construction progress. The project focuses on introducing well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad, and will build the largest bathroom manufacturer brand industry technology exchange, consultation and release platform in China.

Nanan sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware enterprises have performed well in the operation of branding. In 2005, there were 7 sanitary ware manufacturers and brand enterprises that won the first batch of "Chinese famous brands", while Nanan accounted for 4 (Jiumu, Zhongyu, brilliant and Shenluda). Fujian also has 6 national inspection free products and 8 Chinese well-known trademarks, including the above four.

Nanan sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware enterprises have greatly expanded the influence of the brand through the mode of "star + advertising + Marketing Annual Meeting" in recent years. Today's Nanan sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware industry is quite similar to Jinjiang Shishi shoes and clothing industry ten years ago, asking stars to speak and advertising on CCTV. The first-line brands represented by Zhongyu, brilliant, Shenluda, Jiumu and Youlai are well-known all over the country and even the world. The second tier brands represented by special porcelain, Honglang, legu, longer, tocc, Hengtong, Ogilvy, Shenwang, ailang and shenradar have a strong development momentum. In addition, many emerging brands are springing up.