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Causes and effects of foam in metal processing

Posted on November 24 2022

The problem of foam is not just a trouble for sewage treatment manufacturers. At the same time, it is also unscrupulous breeding in the manufacturing industry, which has caused headaches for some manufacturers. This is especially true for metal processing. In metal processing, some additives that can lubricate, cool or reduce costs are usually used, such as emulsion, cutting fluid, grinding fluid, etc. However, foam problems often occur after these additives are put in, and foam propagation seriously affects the normal operation of production.

Causes of bubbles:

  1. Usually due to the insufficient size of the liquid tank, the foam overflows and affects the production environment.
  2. Added chemical additives produce chemical reactions.
  3. Gas enters due to stirring and high-speed work during processing.

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Effects of foam:

  1. Foaming during processing affects its quality.
  2. Due to the input of chemical additives, the foam will damage the machinery to a certain extent and affect the normal operation of the machinery.
  3. Affect product function.

Due to the above reasons and damages, some manufacturers have also started to use mechanical defoamers. This type of defoamer adopts the method of physical defoaming, and the impeller works at high speed to achieve the effect of tearing the foam. Finally, it turns into a liquid and flows back through the built-in cylinder wall, avoiding the loss of raw materials, and the operation is convenient and simple without manual supervision.