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Posted on April 01 2022

Angle valve is angle-type cut-off valve, angle valves are similar to ball valves, Its structure and characteristics are improved by the ball valve. The difference from a spherical valve is that the exit of the angle valve is at right angles to the inlet.

Angle valve function:

Angle valve is mainly applied to the middle of the daily water pipe or heating pipe. Is usually embedded in the wall. Such as bathroom taps are generally alternating hot and cold water, will pull down from the faucet two hoses, and then connected with the angle valve embedded in the wall. Because the heating pipe at the corner at the shape of a 90-degree angle, while the ball valve is straight-through, therefore, the fundamental difference between an angle valve and a spherical valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at right angles to the inlet.

The role of the angle valve is:

  1. Is a connection point
  2. If the water pressure is too large, you can adjust the flow of the triangular valve
  3. Play the role of switch. If the faucet is leaking or other things, it is possible to switch off the triangular valve without having to close the main valve in the house.
  4. Beautiful and generous. Therefore, they are the general new home decoration are essential plumbing accessories.

The service life of the angle valve

Copper material angle valve life of 5-8 years, the alloy of about 3 years.

How many corner valves are generally required in a household?

Toilet needs 1, basin faucet needs 2, the kitchen faucet needs 2, water heaters needs 2, if you are a kitchen a bathroom needs 7, many can be calculated in accordance with this.