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China faucet export Philippines

Posted on April 01 2022

YOROOW bathroom is the production of export of the Philippines taps manufacturers. The YOROOW factory has been working with Filipino customers to provide faucet OEM services to Filipino customers. The Chinese faucet manufacturer YOROOW manufactures faucets that match the market and style of the faucet in the Philippines, offering a range of services from Philippine faucets to packaging styles.

YOROOW faucet factory is located in the Chinese faucet industrial zone Nanan, relying on the Nan'an mature plumbing bathroom industry, from raw materials, accessories to technology have the advantage. Faucet factory in ensuring the quality of products under the premise of providing preferential prices and good faucet products and services.

Philippines Overview:

In 2010, Thailand's population was 64.26 million, while the Philippines was 94.09 million - the 12th largest country in the world. The Philippines has an annual population growth rate of more than 2%, the fastest growing population in Southeast Asia.

Philippine GDP growth in the first quarter of this year was announced at the end of May, at least 5.2%. This is the highest growth rate in more than a year. Which also makes the Philippines close to the target economic growth rate of 7%. The Philippines has increased its investment by boosting economic growth, while the demand for products from China's faucet manufacturers has increased.