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China faucet manufacturer washing machine faucet export Malaysia

Posted on April 01 2022

China's faucet manufacturers washing machine faucet surface using PVD vacuum plating, electroplating is an important indicator to reflect the quality of faucet and the strength of the manufacturers, it can not only make faucet appearance more beautiful, and can protect the faucet, with anti-rust function. China faucet Washing machine faucet body, handle, bonnet by casting, processing, surface grinding, polishing, the electroplating of nickel, decorative chrome or chrome-nickel alloy. In the case of sufficient light, the washing machine faucet the electroplating without any oxidized spots scorching marks, no pores, no blistering, no leakage plating, uniform color, hand touch no glitches, sand, press the faucet with your fingers, fingerprints quickly Spread, and difficult to attach dirt.

the washing machine faucet manufactured by the Chinese faucet manufacturer through the bathroom manufacturers strict salt spray test. Products in the 24-hour acetic acid salt spray environment, chrome-plated surface is still bright and clean bright does not fade.

Nanan City, Fujian Province is China's plumbing base, washing machine faucet export and brand incubator center. Relying on its mature industrial chain, faucet manufacturers YOROOW to ensure high-quality products under the premise of reducing production costs, so that the water faucet manufacturers YOROOW partners to enjoy the most competitive price advantage of the washing machine faucet bathroom products.

Chinese faucet manufacturers washing machine faucet mainly exported to Malaysia, the Chinese faucet manufacturers according to the local Malaysian washing machine market faucet  product research, the development of a number of faucet products suitable for Malaysia.

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