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China faucet manufacturers

Posted on April 01 2022

company description:china faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom is focus on the domestic market provide Intermediate or high-grade faucet, shower and other bathroom hardware manufacturers and also for the international market to provide OEM. They own "YOROOW" brand, has been for high-end real estate, home improvement market, star hotels, senior clubs to provide sanitary products. Bathroom market in China, especially in the 80 consumer groups is keen to choose YOROOW bathroom. Quality is the principle of China's faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom adhere to, we control the quality of every product before it out of the workshop, "Concise but focus on quality" is YOROOW bathroom brand in the market label. Engineers through the research and practice of fluid theory, to explore their own innovative technology and improve the quality control system to ensure that every product quality.

YOROOW, a Chinese faucet manufacturer, at the same time for other brands to provide faucets, showers, angle valves and other plumbing products OEM services, according to customer needs, from the style, materials, packaging to provide a range of customized services.  Faucet  and shower sanitary products exported to Thailand, South America, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Panama, South America, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian and Russian international markets.

Nanan City, Fujian Province is China's plumbing base, but also sanitary products export and brand incubation center. Relying on its mature industrial chain, YOROOW faucet manufacturers to ensure high-quality products under the premise of reducing production costs, so that YOROOW bathroom partners, can enjoy a competitive faucet, shower and other sanitary ware product advantages. Welcome your consultation, to join hands in creating a better future!

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