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China faucet manufacturers export all copper angle valve and zinc alloy angle valve

Posted on April 01 2022

The all-copper angle valve manufactured by the Chinese faucet manufacturer uses ultra-high temperature casting , so that the assembly unit is like a natural formation,  without casting welding process.

The all-copper angle valve manufactured by the Chinese faucet manufacturer internal smooth and clean, both inside and outside quality, smooth and delicate inner wall does not rust, do not hide water pollution, to prevent secondary pollution.

all-copper angle valve body using advanced gravity casting process, multi-layer plating technology, higher than the general angle valve coating thickness of 10um.

All-copper angle valve series products using refined copper removing lead casting, ceramic valve core, multi layer plating and a number of quality testing to ensure that no fading and no water leakage. In the market have a high degree of recognition and good reputation.

Chinese faucet manufacturers to establish the perfect internal product testing system, from the all-copper angle valve raw material testing, accessories tolerance testing, all-copper angle valve thickness hardness testing, all-copper angle valve service life test, the product sealing performance, the thickness of the product plating layer surface test and product water-saving test, every link is strictly checked. Every all-copper angle valves manufactured by Chinese faucet manufacturers are 100% tested before delivery to ensure that each all-copper angle valves delivered to customers are of high quality.

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