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China faucet manufacturers export Malaysia

Posted on April 01 2022

YOROOW Sanitary Ware is a manufacturer of faucets in China. provide to the kitchen faucet with ceramic spool, the surface of nickel, copper, chromium three layer plating. Faucet products are mainly in line with the Malaysian market. This kitchen faucet is the best-selling products in Malaysia home stores. Welcome to Malaysia partners to consult our kitchen faucet products and prices. Faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom provide OEM and ODM service also.

China's faucet manufacturers of faucet products are mainly exported to Malaysia, according to the Malaysia local faucet market to do product research, development of a number of faucets for Malaysia products.

We can provide custom samples to customers in Malaysia, including the design of taps, water faucet packaging design.

Demand for faucets in Malaysia:

Malaysia's infrastructure activities are being carried out, especially under the framework of the economic transformation plan to highlight the various construction projects into the rapid operation phase, according to the Malaysian well-known research firm forecast, the second half of 2016 Malaysia's domestic demand for hardware, such as taps and other hardware is expected to usher in a strong growth.

About Malaysia:

Area of 330,257 square kilometers. Located in Southeast Asia, is located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Malaysia throughout by the south China sea is divided into two parts of the east Malaysia and west Malaysia, West Malaysia for the Malaya region, is located in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, Northern border with Thailand, west faces the strait of Malacca, the south China sea in the east, the south faces Johor strait is adjacent to Singapore, East Malaysia for the Sarawak region and the Sabah region collectively, is located in the northern part of the island of Kalimantan. Malaysia's coastline of 4192 kilometers, is a tropical rain forest climate. The average annual temperature of the inland mountainous area is 22 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, and the coastal plain is 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.