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China faucet manufacturers single cold basin mixer exports to the Philippines

Posted on April 01 2022

Product Name: Single cold basin mixer

style in line with the requirements of the Philippine market, humanized design, beautiful and generous

Product Guide:

China's faucet manufacturers products with heat-resistant, wear-resistant corrosion, non-toxic, the advantages of safety.

The faucet manufacturers YOROOW to remind you that when using, please note the following points:

Before installation, please dredge the pipe, so as to avoid impurities into the faucet cause scratches or damage of the tap parts.

This series of nozzle installation can be connected with the water pipe fittings, installation, it is strictly prohibited to connect the thread part of the spiral tail forcibly in the joints, in order to avoid fracture.

In the use of a certain time, where equipped with a filter, should be removed after use filter rinse. When used, the movement of the 90oC switch, just light (turn) handle in place to achieve, without vigorously switching, so as not to force excessive damage.

This series of tap the maximum operating pressure of 0.6Mpa tap water, the temperature should not exceed 90oC.

Non-professionals can not disassemble the nozzle, so as not to damage the original performance.

The Philippines, a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), is expected to continue its rapid growth in the next two years, fueled by strong domestic demand and strong investment sentiment. Will invest 144 billion pesos for the construction of real estate, schools and other basic government services related facilities. A large number of construction led to the demand for products such as faucets continue to increase, which is China's faucet manufacturers an opportunity to increase exports.

China's faucet manufacturers YOROOW existing 1,600 export faucet samples, copper and zinc alloy of different materials for Philippines customers choice.