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China faucet manufacturers single water basin mixer exports to Cambodia

Posted on April 01 2022

Chinese water faucet manufacturers YOROOW single water basin mixer, model 8156's product attributes:

Appearance: bright, no bubbles, no burr, no scar

Material: brass and bronze cast, the overall casting the best, beat the tap should sound dull.

Packing: faucet manufacturers YOROOW have more than 25 kinds of styles of packaging boxes, can also be customized for customers personalized packaging box.

China faucet manufacturers single water basin mixer processing more complex, surface sealing is better, consumers in the purchase is difficult to see the internal structure of the faucet and valves quality, it is not easy to be opened for inspection. How to choose the high cost performance of the faucet is very important to customers.

China's faucet manufacturers engineers to remind you:

First look at the appearance of faucet. High quality faucet processing fine, good surface finish, close to the mirror effect and undistorted;

Second, when turning the single water basin mixer handle, there is no excessive gap between the tap and the switch,  swith easily, non skid, poor quality faucet large gap, Switch have drag;

Finally, check the single water basin mixer all parts, especially the main parts assembly is tight, a good quality of faucet, handle and main body all brass refined, the weight is heavy.

Cambodia currently does not have its own  faucet factory, domestic demand all need to import. China's faucet manufacturers to enter the Cambodian market for many years, has been suffering from the Cambodian people's favorite.

China's faucet manufacturers YOROOW existing 1,600 export faucet samples, copper and zinc alloy of different materials for Cambodian customers choice.