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China faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom to create a warm water environment

Posted on April 01 2022

Chinese faucet manufacturers YOROOW sanitary ware market in China has a high degree of recognition, especially after 80 consumer groups are keen to choose the bathroom brand. With high-quality product quality and sincere fine production process, product positioning, simple, comfortable, YOROOW bathroom for every family is committed to create a warm, comfortable and humanized modern bathroom space, to create a warm home water environment.

YOROOW bathroom faucet manufacturers advocate natural and comfortable bathroom life, create a warm, full of sense of belonging to the home environment. The most profound takes the simpliest form. YOROOW products without too much modification, seemingly simple geometric shape, it contains a new doctrine of comfort of life, YOROOW focus on simple fashion life, into love and warm home atmosphere in the natural simplicity of. We emphasize the details of the individual, the pursuit of practical and popular style, through the generous design to highlight the simple and harmonious beauty.

Faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom and strive to achieve more thoughtful and humanized in every detail, from the faucet handle operation, shower height adjustment, hose winding resistance and every drop of water and skin tactile experience. As always, the pursuit of the best user experience, let each product on the basis of human engineering mechanics design, at the same time In line with people 's habits.

The good bathroom products is not only the appearance is so simple, more importantly, in the function, technology, process and the integration of human experience and fit.YOROOW bathroom no only on the basis of function and visual satisfaction, but also can arouse people's emotional needs. The spirit of perseverance and professional YOROOW engineers to the consumer demand of every subtle perception into the soul and magic in each product, a personalized emotion and lean process into magic, make use of and shower products become a life of fun and enjoy high quality.

China 's faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom technology introduction

1, fine copper casting lead removal technology

Faucet and shower shower body adopts advanced copper gravity pouring process,

Lead content in line with national GB / T1176 lead standard to prevent the generation of harmful elements to protect the health of their families;

2, faucet manufacturers quality KTS Carter Shi ceramic spool

Take the Carter ceramic valve core, consistent compliance handle feel, tight and durable, after ten thousand switch test without leakage.

3, multi-layer plating technology

The water tap is treated with vacuum coating technology, after five layers of copper plating, nickel and chromium protection, the luster is bright and durable.

4, bubble water technology

Chinese faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom faucet with softening filtration bubbler, make the air mixed in water, more water, water is not complete soft eruption, and effectively reduce the noise of water.