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China Manufacturer Angle Valve

Posted on March 31 2022

Triangle valve, regardless of hot and cold. Are can be universal. Angle valve must use good quality, because it is used in the location of the outlet, it is very important.

The role of angle valve:

1, control the water pressure, play a role in controlling the size of the water. With the angle valve, you do not have to worry about the big water pressure, just by adjusting the angle valve, you can easily control the size of water pressure, at the same time, you can also protect your faucet hose.

2, easy maintenance. We must have such trouble, basin faucet to repair, and the need to shut the total valve, so the whole family no water, it is because your basin faucet is not installed separately angle valve, if any, you can individually control the water anywhere, it made maintenance becomes very easy ~

3, separate control. In the summer do not want to let the leading out of hot water. How to do? Very simple, turn off your home control hot water angle valve on it.

The use of international standards of copper, the use of Taiwan spool, really done 500,000 times the use without water leakage, six nickel-plated, chrome-plated, 12-hour salt spray test without any chemical reaction, five-year product quality underwriting.

the people who decorate house all know that the angle valve is the most important. Angle valve once the water leakage, the loss is heavy. Therefore, good use of the angle valve can be removed from your future troubles, no worries.