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China Plumbing and sanitary ware export base

Posted on April 01 2022

In Nan'an, the plumbing and bathroom hardware industry has created a complete industrial chain. At the beginning of this year, with the settlement of China's plumbing and bathroom hardware export base in Nan'an, it is of great significance for the optimization and upgrading of Nan'an sanitary ware industry structure and promoting industrial transformation.

As one of the five leading industries in Nan'an District, plumbing and bathroom hardware has formed a relatively complete industrial system and industrial chain. As of the end of October 2014, the district has more than 280 plumbing and bathroom hardware manufacturers, with a total export delivery value of about 1.57 billion yuan for Enterprises above designated size.

In recent years, some leading enterprises in Nan'an have become bigger and stronger on the road of innovation, forming a number of characteristic economic regions, among which the plumbing and sanitary ware industry is one of the leaders. Lin Huayou said: "we must seize the opportunity to further expand the brand effect of 'International Smart manufacturing'."

From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", although it is only a word, it is of far-reaching significance for the long-term development of sanitary ware enterprises. "In the face of the rising cost of the industry and the compression of profit space, low product grade and lagging brand construction have become obstacles to the development of the industry." in Lin Huayou's view, the word "wisdom" not only requires products to pay more attention to intelligence, but also requires enterprises to deepen transformation and fully enter the new era of machine replacement.

China plumbing hardware export base is located in Nan'an, which is of great significance for the full development and utilization of sanitary ware and other resources in the area, cultivating the competitive advantages of industry export in technology, brand and service, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industry structure and promoting industrial transformation. "After the establishment of the base, exhibitors will unify the exhibition logo and start the base brand at international overseas exhibitions such as the international bathroom and air conditioning exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, and the heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy exhibition in Milan, Italy." said the director of the Commerce Bureau of Nan'an District.