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China 's faucet manufacturers return to the spirit of craftsmen

Posted on April 01 2022

The Chinese faucet manufacturers to talk about the most is the topic of industrial upgrading and Internet plus. More and more Chinese faucet manufacturers are aware of the need to do more patience to do, do fine not do wide.

"Achievements are reached by hard work rather than recreation. Actions are done after thorough consideration rather than casual decision. As a faucet manufacturers, intensive farming their products, to avoid large and complete. Have a heart of awe for products and People who make products, Do the products have humanity, naturally there is competitiveness " Lin Bingzhao, general manager of China faucet manufacturers YOROOE bathroom, accepted the interview said. In March 5, 2016 China Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report said, to encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the excellence of the artisan spirit, increasing the variety, quality, brand.

Return to the product: uncompromising attention to excellence

In the past, the rapid development of China's tap manufacturers crazy. Single relative to the domestic water faucet manufacturers overcapacity, but less boutique. Lack of workers in the south, the increase in labor costs. Domestic and foreign emerging economies to participate in competition. These problems forced the transformation of China faucet manufacturers imperative. To solve the problem, we must find the root cause. Faucet manufacturer the essence of manufacturers is the product. To build quality products, research and development of more technology to master the core competitiveness of products. China has always been a faucet manufacturing power, more manufacturing is assembly enterprises, such as in the automotive business, our own core technology is not much. As a faucet manufacturers in addition to considering production and cost issues, need to increase the emerging technology research and development and optimization in quality. Faucet manufacturers to achieve industrial upgrading, there are two countries worthy of reference and reference model is Japan and Germany. Japan relies on focus and fine, Rely on the community up and down the focus, Decades of pondering one thing, to the extreme; Germany is also a big manufacturing country, rigorous, and very focused, it is important that Germany also has excellent training mode of mechanics.

High end manufacturing also needs to be supported by artisan spirit. In the past we will craft superb craftsmen as core soul of workshop. Now many entrepreneurs, professional technicians, entrepreneurial leaders as the core soul of the enterprise and industry. Competitive products, must be crafted, excellence and polishing. Only in this way, enterprises can create their own brand.

"Craftsman spirit" Implementation to the ground

Promote "craftsman spirit" Implementation to the ground, need take some time to run and strengthen. Learning advanced country is a very important entry point of China faucet manufacturers. The whole industry chain of acquisitions, enterprises can, craftsmen training mode and marketing model.

China's rapid development of faucet manufacturers, and now China is the world's second largest economy, We also have a large number of workers with superb technology, there are many companies are really creating quality products. To the spirit of artisans to measure the product, the real pursuit of "zero defect" over the years to build a more solid quality system, with the system to support "quality first" strategy in all aspects of the landing. But faster and better so that more Chinese faucet manufacturers, to achieve industrial upgrading, but also need to make a workable way. I believe that in these two points, fall into reality.

The government should improve the protection of intellectual property rights

China advocate their own emulation at the same time, into their own design concepts, to create differentiated products, so companies can cut into their own market segments, leading the trend.

The author suggests that the relevant government departments constantly improve IPR criminal legal protection mechanism, through forums, special investigations, the difficult and complex cases of demonstration and consultation, strengthen exchanges, to the staff of enterprise law popularization, improve the relevant departments of procuratorial organs to protect the ability and level of intellectual property rights.

In a few years of government reports, we have read that the government has begun to attach importance to intellectual property issues. 2017 government work report made it clear that to strengthen the protection and use of intellectual property rights.

Attaching Importance to Workers' Re - education

Artisan spirit, grinding quality products, rely on the quality of workers skills. There is much room for the development of Vocational Education in china. To cultivate the spirit of artisans, we must first start from the cultivation of workers. 2016 data show that China each year 10 million skilled workers graduation from vocational institutions, this figure has accounted for a large proportion of employment. In China's factories, most companies do not have the  re-education program for workers.

More and more manufacturers of Chinese faucet in the industrial upgrading of the road, but also awareness of the skills of workers is the guarantee of product quality, accelerate the development of vocational education workers. The major colleges and universities focus on students' practical ability, students learn theoretical knowledge, encourage students to the factory social practice, training hands-on ability, all aspects of society attach great importance to skills re-education.

The author believes that the government, enterprises and schools and other organizations work together, from personnel training to the development of social norms, enterprises strictly enforce the "craftsman spirit" concept. Skilled craftsmen and seriously do "artisans" of the faucet manufacturers in China will be more and more. And establish a reverence for the occupation, the work of the persistent and responsible spirit of the product, each product is fine, continue to create high-quality products. In order to truly paste the "China-made" label.