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China's faucet manufacturers export to Indonesia

Posted on April 01 2022

YOROOW sanitary ware is a manufacturer of sanitary faucet products in China. YOROOW factory exports Indonesia's faucet products are mainly a single cold dish basin faucet and single cold basin faucet. YOROOW faucet manufacturers single cold faucet with high hardness ceramics, multilayer electroplating process, the surface is smooth and beautiful. Manufacturers currently have zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel and other materials. Copper faucet, attention to quality customers the best choice, because copper faucet in addition to make better plating surface, copper faucet life is longer. In the YOROOW factory export experience in Indonesia, Due to the high cost performance of zinc alloy taps, but also part of the Indonesian customers like.

YOROOW faucet manufacturers to provide customers in Indonesia taps OEM. YOROOW existing 1300 samples, of which about 300 sets of products are hot-selling faucet products in Indonesia,available to Indonesian customers. Customers can also sample let us produce. We have standard export packaging, 30 sets of different styles of boxes. Can also be customized according to customer demand design packaging box.

China exports Indonesia faucet Description:

1, faucet manufacturers on the faucet using the whole copper body plating.

2, the faucet manufacturers to use high-quality ceramic valve core, good sealing.

3, the manufacturer of the faucet integrated die casting process makes the faucet higher hardness and pressure resistance.

4, the factory faucet factory in accordance with strict before each of the internal control standards, through rigorous quality testing.

5, the main body using the most advanced gravity casting process, the natural shape, the surface uniform, no trachoma pores. Chinese faucet manufacturers use NC machine tools, precise size, to ensure that all parts are connected closely, seal with wear and heat resistance good environmental protection rubber, avoid in the process of using the product water seepage and Water Leakage phenomenon.

Indonesian demand for water-taps:

The expansion of Indonesia economy and accelerate the construction of master plan, Participate in the promotion of the current has begun to move to the outside of the water faucet and bathroom building materials consumption growth and economic growth, Will continue to comply with 6.4% to 7.5% of the country's economic growth from 2015 to 2025 and from 2018 to 2015 during the period of 8% to 9%.

Indonesia's booming real estate sector is growing and the government is implementing the Indonesian Economic Construction Expansion and Acceleration Master Program (MP3EI) program to boost the demand for faucets in Indonesia.