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China's faucet manufacturers export to Thailand

Posted on April 01 2022

China faucet manufacturers, is the faucet OEM suppliers, our faucet products are mainly exported to Thailand. Faucet manufacturers to provide export faucet, suitable for art basins, bowls and other wash basin installed on the table, the handle is also very simple, with its tall and straight posture embraced, very suitable for modern decoration style.

Kitchen faucet quality is determined by the spool, the Chinese manufacturers to provide a faucet with ceramic spool. It is not only durable but also has a water saving effect. Switch feel smooth, good spool in the switch when the smooth light, any angle will feel fluent. The ceramic spool is resistant to wear, is not affected by temperature, lubrication handle, and long-term use is still flexible as usual and so on.

China's faucet manufacturers to provide faucet polished chrome surface, clean and bright, Faucet manufacturers in the faucet on the surface of the plating process to do some prevent salt spray corrosion and prevent the treatment of water masonry, let it be like a new one after a few years.

YOROOW faucet manufacturers export faucet is equipped with imported foaming device, soft touch, water is very smooth, not splash into the wash basin.

Thailand faucet market situation:

Thailand taps are mostly imported from china. The first half of 2016 in Thailand ,Chinese taps exports year-on-year growth of up to 4%, factor is the support of Thailand's rapid economic growth, the construction industry, real estate, tourism industry and the department store industry continues to grow, china's export taps are popular in Thailand, because China's faucets  products that match the needs of Thailand in fashion design. Thailand's dependence on imported taps tends to increase, especially in the demand for  single-cold kitchen sink and single cold basin.

In addition, the marketing channel is the key for product close to the target customers, China faucet manufacturers are good at opening up the market by participating in various furniture fair held in Thailand, So that their products as Thailand's high-end furniture sales channels of dealers, department stores and franchise stores are familiar with, help to accelerate the pace of expansion of the Thai faucet market.