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Chinese faucet manufacturer cold and hot basin faucet

Posted on April 01 2022

Cold hot face basin bibcock is Chinese faucet manufacturer friend lai sell like hot cakes product, at present market mainstream has zinc alloy cold hot face basin bibcock and cupreous material cold hot face basin bibcock. Zinc alloy faucet cost-effective, after 1 year of use, zinc alloy cold and hot faucet surface easy oxidation, may not be so bright, and copper faucet 2-3 years of use, in the conventional environment, can also maintain a bright surface.

Chinese faucet manufacturer youlai mainly exports hot and cold water faucet, more and more foreign customers have chosen the products of Chinese faucet factory, Chinese faucet manufacturer Youlai sanitary ware has always adhered to the balance of product quality and price, so it has also been recognized by foreign faucet brands.

Chinese friends faucet manufacturer with more domestic foreign trade companies to establish long-term cooperative relations, faucet suppliers as a foreign trade company, we focus on the production of faucet, and foreign trade companies are better at international market development, so friends, firmly believe that in the foreign trade company cooperation, to concentrate on their own areas, to provide foreign customers the highest level of products and services.

We have always believed that: foreign trade import and export companies have the ability to explore the international market and even existing marketing channels, as an OEM factory, we have been focusing on the export of faucet OEM, accumulated rich experience, but also have ready-made foreign popular products samples and molds. The foreign trade company only needs to focus on providing good service to customers. The production of leading products is entrusted to our factory. Our cooperation is to provide customers with better products and better services.

Chinese faucet manufacturer Youlai sanitary ware has 1600 export faucet samples, different materials of copper and zinc alloy for many countries customers to choose;

Chinese faucet manufacturer Youlai sanitary ware more than 25 kinds of styles of basin faucet packaging box, can also be customized for customers personalized outer packaging box;

If you want to understand faucet quotation, design, please contact friend lai wei yu salesman to obtain the data of cold and hot basin faucet.

Chinese faucet manufacturer youlai invites foreign trade faucet export companies, foreign trade SOHO to establish long-term cooperation!