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Chinese faucet manufacturer YOROOW provides kitchen faucet OEM service

Posted on April 01 2022

1 faucet manufacturers in the production of kitchen taps are constant current foaming device, flow fixed, saving more than 20% of water resources;

2 five layer plating to create extremely deep and uniform layer of shiny, bright as a mirror, to prevent dust and pollution, and can resist scratching, never fade;

3. Unique spool made of advanced ceramic alloy, and a special lubricating coating, the unique design of oil storage tank to ensure that products are also slippery for many years to use as ever.

Kitchen faucet selection of quality copper material, clean and healthy.

Free rotation design, convenient kitchen washing.

The handle is stable, switch freely.

Faucet factory production kitchen faucet outside the inlet pipe with SUS304 stainless steel wire, the internal use of non-toxic rubber, safe and reliable.

High-quality plastic steel inner core bubbler, the water flow gently and no noise.

Selected ceramic valve core, good sealing performance, long service life, more than ten thousand switch test.

China's faucet manufacturers selected raw materials in line with international safety targets, health and environmental protection.