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Chinese manufacturers YOROOW faucet bathroom in the engineering market by the sought after

Posted on April 01 2022

Faucet not only as necessities in the mass market distribution, and industrial properties as having a sanitary ware products in the decoration of the market also occupies an important position in the market. According to statistics, China's sanitary engineering market in 2016 amounted to 25 billion yuan, which for sanitary taps factory is nothing more than a huge market. Especially in the hotel, hardcover real estate, office buildings and other high-end sanitary market projects.

Engineering market is a good standard to test the quality of the bathroom faucet manufacturers

Not all manufacturers can tap in the bathroom engineering market to be welcomed and accepted, a decoration project from the start, to the final bidding decision, must undergo a rigorous assessment and selection. Engineering customers relative to the public procurement market, with sufficient expertise and product identification capabilities in the project bidding process, including quality, price, performance, after-sale service, as well as the style of the product and the visibility of the faucet manufacturers are important factors affecting the final success of the project. A set of bathroom products in the decoration engineering from installation to use in the course of a period of 8 years or more, during any product problems and flaws are related to the quality of the whole project and end users on the use of the product experience. Therefore, each decorative works on the choice of sanitary faucet products manufacturers need to be taken into account from all sides, from another side, the engineering market can also be a good test of a bathroom faucet manufacturers of products, quality and effective way.

YOROOW faucet to become the first choice of sanitary engineering

As a member of the faucet manufacturers in china, YOROOW sanitary ware manufacturers with humane design and exquisite production process of products produced in the Chinese engineering bathroom market was greatly welcomed, YOROOW faucet is widely used in star hotels, chain hotels, hardcover residential, hospitals and schools, etc. field.

YOROOW sanitary ware factory in China also provides OEM services, in which the international OEM business accounted for 25% of the market, the engineering market share of the total market of 15%, this will be beneficial to YOROOW bathroom expansion in the terminal mass market reputation image and the influence of faucet manufacturers.