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Chinese Sanitary Ware brands are developing rapidly in the Middle East market

Posted on April 01 2022

Chinese ceramic sanitary ware brand products are generally of high quality and low price, and are more competitive than European products in the Middle East. Chinese manufacturers should export products suitable for local Islamic culture and customs according to the actual needs and characteristics of the Middle East sanitary ware brand market.

Chinese Ceramic Sanitary Ware brands and plumbing hardware products are very popular in the Middle East market and have a certain degree of influence. Chinese ceramic bathroom brand hardware manufacturers should strategically select their own famous brand products to enter the Middle East market according to the actual needs and characteristics of the Middle East bathroom brand market.

         Avoid low price dumping, ensure product quality and strive to build their own brand. At the initial stage, the brand can be promoted by setting up an image window of its own products, such as flagship store or exhibition hall.

Facing the phenomenon of low price competition of some products in the UAE market, Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers should strictly follow the ISO9000 series standards, strictly control the quality, and do a good job in after-sales service in accordance with local laws and regulations. They should specify the quality assurance period, strictly perform the contract, ensure the quality and delivery date, improve the product reputation and avoid low price dumping.

         Expand the market through the local large-scale Chinese bathroom brand product sales center in the UAE

         At present, the relevant markets in China are highly competitive. Timely "going out" is a good choice for Chinese sanitary ware brand suppliers or sellers with rich sources of goods.

         According to Luo Baihui, head of the international mould, hardware and plastic industry supplier Association, so far, there is no large-scale and standardized bathroom brand market in the whole UAE. Shops of different sizes are distributed in the form of scattered facade stores. Because the surrounding territory has been occupied by other industries, there is no more room for development, and the product category is single.

         The local government urgently needs to improve the current chaotic overall market and lack of unified management as soon as possible. With the support of the UAE government, Chinese manufacturers can build a large professional bathroom brand market in the Gulf region, which can not only meet the local consumption needs, but also help to expand the export of domestic products and open up a broad overseas platform, which is of far-reaching significance.

         Develop the market through local professional trade exhibitions

         Famous local exhibitions in the UAE mainly include the five major Middle East Construction Industry Expo (Big5), the Middle East International bathroom brand Expo, the Middle East International Hardware Expo, etc.

         These professional trade exhibitions use huge buyer database resources to help exhibitors implement "business matching" activities, and combine the needs of buyers and sellers after screening, so as to promote the signing rate between buyers and sellers.

         In particular, it can provide brands of domestic sanitary ware manufacturers with marketing bases in Dubai for long-term and stable partners and opportunities to obtain mass orders.

         Develop the market through sales agents in surrounding areas or directly set up local branches

         After entering the UAE market, Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers can choose sales agents in surrounding areas on the basis of successful and stable local platform, so as to further expand market share.

         When selecting agents, pay attention to those local companies with sound marketing network and ability to participate in bidding.

         These agents either sell their products directly or wholesale them to small retailers.

         It is better for powerful Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers to set up branches in Gulf countries, timely learn about development and construction projects, actively participate in project bidding, and directly apply domestic products to future engineering projects

         Most of the Gulf countries implement the exclusive agency system, so we must be careful in choosing the agent. Once the choice is wrong, the products may fail in the market of ceramic sanitary ware brand.