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Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers seize Internet business opportunities

Posted on April 01 2022

Internet giant Alibaba has successfully listed in the United States. No industry dares to ignore the power of network marketing in the era of mobile Internet, and this new marketing method has been paid more and more attention in the development of bathroom manufacturers. However, the marketing thinking of most Sanitary Ware brands has not kept pace with the times, and do not know how to use the real power of the network to carry out brand publicity and marketing, which is not only a lack but also a loss for sanitary ware manufacturers.

Bathroom brands are trapped in traditional thinking

In the current chaotic media era, in the face of increasingly scattered digital media, fragmented mobile social media and the strong creativity of young Internet users, brand communication often encounters some unexpected problems. Many bathroom brands are used to transplanting the traditional brand construction and thinking logic to the Internet in parallel. However, they often find that such transplantation is difficult to bring effect to the brand in the short term, and the long-term effect is often unable to be verified, forming a state of riding a tiger.

Bathroom manufacturers need to focus

The Internet age is challenging the logic of bathroom brands, sometimes even exceeding the brand's expectations. In fact, there are few good cases that can grasp the popular trend or find the communication point. The word "warm man" was born in 2014, which can be said to fascinate thousands of women and stimulate the self promotion of men's "warm man" image. When the word "warm man" came into full play, many enterprises related to life products have advertised products with the attribute of "warm man". For example, a household emphasizes that they are a warm man brand, and some clothing brands have also launched "warm man" transfer clothing, which directly stimulates the consumer demand for the image of "warm man" and captures the psychological demands of consumers, Build brand awareness and expand consumption quota.

From this point of view, as long as the bathroom brand can rely on hot spots, it can also complete a perfect event marketing.

First, actively pay attention to online topics

As a brand, we should always pay attention to the changes of online topics. Paying attention to the changes of these hot topics can not only find the entry point in brand marketing, but also deal with the crisis in time. For example, can the overlord shampoo shot in the back of "Duang" take this opportunity to "reform"? With the help of "Duang" topic, can there be a deeper topic play?

Second, actively pay attention to minority groups

The niche and nonsense of communication deserve attention. In the Internet age, communication is more and more scattered. You don't know who the originator is, but when it ferments, you will suddenly realize it. When cracking such a communication law, bathroom manufacturers need to pay attention to the popularity among small groups, even some languages and attitudes among small interest groups and interest groups.

Third, do not simply transplant thinking

Bathroom manufacturers need to recognize that simply transplanting the traditional brand marketing thinking to the Internet has not worked. Brands have a set of business logic of offline accumulation and traditional world accumulation, but the discourse environment has changed in the Internet world. Even if the same brand appeal and brand communication, enterprises in the Internet world also need to use another way.

In general, being "spoofed" does not mean "vulgar", being "entertained" does not mean "stupid". Today, for many bathroom brands, they often lack "Duan" (spirit) instead of "end" (shelf).