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Chinese well-known brand YOROOW bathroom creates a warm water environment

Posted on March 08 2023

YOROOW sanitary ware manufacturers have a high degree of recognition in the Chinese sanitary ware market, especially in the post-80s consumer group, which is the enthusiastic choice of sanitary ware brands. Relying on high-quality product quality and sincere production technology, it has won the titles of "Famous Chinese Brands", "Recommended Products for Chinese Engineering", "Top Ten Brands in the Sanitary Industry" and so on. It owns the well-known YOROOW brand and is the designated bathroom brand for star hotels. With a simple and high-quality brand positioning, YOROOW is committed to creating a warm, comfortable and humane modern bathroom space for each family, creating Cozy home water environment.

YeYOROOW bathroom manufacturers advocate natural and comfortable bathroom life, creating a warm, homey environment full of belonging. "Road to simplicity", YOROOW products do not have too much modification, seemingly simple geometric line shape, but it contains the comfortable life brought by neo-livingism, YOROOW focus on simple and stylish life, infused love in the natural simplicity With a cozy home atmosphere. We emphasize individual details, pursue practical and popular styles, and show simplicity and harmony through generous and economical designs.

YOROOW sanitary ware manufacturers strive to be more considerate and human in every detail, from the operation of the handle of the faucet, the height adjustment of the shower, the anti-winding treatment of the hose, and even the tactile experience of each drop of water and skin. Good user experience, so that every product detail is based on ergonomics and mechanical design, and at the same time conforms to the habits of Chinese people.

The good sanitary products are not only simple and beautiful, but also the blending and matching of function, technology, technology and human experience. YOROOW hopes that on the basis of functional and visual satisfaction, it can better arouse people's emotional needs. The persistent professionalism of Yolai engineers and the perception of every subtle demand of consumers, inject soul and harmony into every product. This magic of personal emotion and lean craftsmanship makes the use of products and showers a joy of life and high-quality enjoyment.

Junan AnYOROOW Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Technology

1, Lead removal technology for refined copper casting

(Lead-free green environmental protection, care for family health)

The faucet and shower body are made of refined copper advanced gravity casting technology.

The lead content is lower than the national GB / T1176 lead content standard to prevent the generation of harmful elements and protect the health of the family;

2, imported high-quality KTS ceramic valve core

(High hardness ceramic valve core will never leak)

The use of high-quality Carters ceramic valve core, consistent and soft handle feel, strict and durable, to ensure that 500,000 times of switching will not leak.

  1. PVD multilayer plating technology

(10um thicker than ordinary bathroom brands)

Bathroom brand adopts aerospace technology coating technology treatment. After five layers of copper, nickel and chromium protection, it has bright luster, durable and wear-resistant. It will not fade and rust for ten years.

  1. Bubble water technology

(Save 35% of water consumption and reduce energy costs)

The water outlet nozzle of YOROOW Sanitary Ware brand has a softened filtering and processing bubbler, so that air is mixed into the water flow, which saves water, the water flow is round and soft without spilling, and effectively reduces the noise of water outlet.