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Consumers pay more and more attention to the brand when buying sanitary ware

Posted on April 01 2022

In recent years, the development trend of sanitary ware industry has slowed down, and the phenomenon of homogenization is rampant. Sanitary ware manufacturers should understand that today's consumers are different. Their ability to distinguish products in pursuit of personality and quality has risen to a new stage. What manufacturers can do is to respect the original design of products and improve the added value of products by relying on design, so as to win the consumer market.

Health enterprises have unshirkable responsibility for the downturn of the industry

It is needless to say that the sanitary ware industry in 2014 was generally bleak. On the surface, the major sanitary ware manufacturers were peaceful, but in fact they were trembling. The downfall of some forced closed sanitary ware factories and sanitary ware manufacturers can not simply blame the downturn of consumption, the lack of funds or the high rent of stores. Sanitary ware manufacturers should reflect: how many of their products are designed for consumers? How many people see a popular trend and immediately launch new products to seize the market? How many designs are even "copied"?

Consumers are increasingly rational about buying sanitary products

"The eyes of the masses are bright". A product may tempt consumers to take out their wallets with short-term low prices, but sanitary ware is not only a "long-term investment", but also a "long-term consumption" , a set of sanitary ware products placed at home must not only be of excellent quality and durable, but also accept the inspection of every time the family owner sees, touches and uses it for decades, as well as the evaluation of guests and friends, which are all part of the life of consumers. Manufacturers who design sanitary ware out of life, blindly follow the trend and even follow the design steps of others , they only reported the time, but did not build an evergreen "clock" for consumers and manufacturers.

The original design of health enterprises should keep up with the pace of the times

Sanitary ware manufacturers designed for life focus on life and create a series of lifestyles around consumers. In this lifestyle, sanitary ware not only provides convenience in consumers' life, but also reflects literacy and taste. Adhering to the original design of northern Europe, what they want to bring to consumers is a simple, natural and simple lifestyle, no matter which product , can reflect the spiritual pursuit and life philosophy of consumers. Only in this lifestyle oriented design, can sanitary ware manufacturers go straight and far.

According to incomplete statistics in the analysis report on market status and investment strategy of China's bathroom industry in 2014-2019 released by China report hall, in the face of the relatively sluggish industry situation, bathroom manufacturers still need to find the right direction, actively innovate, and find the right direction according to their own actual situation in continuous exploration, so as to enter the broad road in a declining trend!