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Detailed Explanation of The Structure and Principle of Kitchen Faucet

Posted on October 19 2022

Nowadays, when decorating houses, many users will buy faucets by themselves, but most of the time they do not understand the internal structure of the faucet, and many of them only choose from the appearance. Next, let us first learn about the structure and principle of kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Structure:

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According to the structure, the faucet can be divided into several types of faucets such as single-connection, double-connection and triple-connection. In addition, there are single handle and double handle points. The single-connected type can be connected to a cold water pipe or a hot-water pipe; the double-connected type can be connected to two hot and cold pipes at the same time, and is mostly used for the faucet of the bathroom vanity and the kitchen sink with hot water supply; the triple-connected type can be connected to two hot and cold water pipes. In addition to the pipe, it can also be connected to the shower head, which is mainly used for the faucet of the bathtub.

  1. Faucet Valve Core

 Faucet Valve Core


The faucet valve core is the lifeblood of the faucet, which largely determines the quality and service life of the faucet. Faucet valve core mainly includes ceramic valve core, ball valve core, stainless steel valve core, and rubber valve core. Among them, the ceramic spool is currently the best, with good bee performance and stable physical properties. Generally, faucets with ceramic spools can be used for 5-10 years.
2. The main body of the faucet


The main body of the faucet refers to the body of the faucet. Nowadays, the materials of the faucet are stainless steel, alloy, copper, etc.

Copper faucet, the surface is chrome-plated, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, shiny, designed for a service life of 600,000 times. However, the electroplating process on the surface is not good, and it will fall off for a long time. In addition, the copper faucet contains lead, and the lead and other substances in it may be released into the tap water after a long time.

Zinc alloy faucet has smooth surface, good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature, and the price is cheaper than copper faucet. However, it is poor in corrosion resistance, contaminant precipitation and durability.

Faucets of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone can consider them according to their actual situation when choosing.

  1. The internal structure of the faucet

 Faucet Structure

The internal structure of the hot and cold water faucet is mainly composed of the connecting gooseneck, the flushing pipe, the sealing ring, the lower packing box and the connecting center pipe; The core mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes, and the main work is controlled by the ceramic sheet on it.
The principle of kitchen faucet:

The kitchen faucet is mainly composed of a spiral valve core, which mainly depends on the rotation of the valve stem, and is displaced by the thread to achieve the effect of opening and closing the water inlet hole.

When we rotate the valve stem, the threads are engaged, so that the sealing end of the valve core moves forward and backward. When we twist the valve core in, the water inlet is sealed, and the position of the water outlet is sealed at the same time, and the water outlet is sealed by the sealing end of the valve core. To achieve the alternation of cold and hot water.

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