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Development Situation of Chinese Bathroom Brand Manufacturers

Posted on April 02 2022

China's sanitary ware manufacturers account for 30% of the world's total. However, there is no Chinese sanitary ware brand that can be called internationally. In fact, many world-famous sanitary ware manufacturers 'brand products are produced by domestic domestic ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers, which means that the quality of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers' products is no different from those of world famous ceramic brands. So how far are Chinese ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers from the world brands? How can domestic sanitary ware manufacturers share a cup of beauty in an increasingly competitive international market.

Although the bathroom brand manufacturer industry has developed rapidly in recent years, it is undeniable that China's bathroom brand manufacturer industry is well-known with the world's bathroom brand manufacturers in many aspects such as product research and development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise size, and financial strength. There is a big gap between enterprises.

Weak brand competitiveness

Before 2000, when international brands such as American Standard, Kohler, and Toto entered China, locked open coastal cities, and cut high-end hotels, office buildings, and high-end residential markets, domestic labor costs were far lower than those in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Most of the bathroom brand manufacturers are still operating under the OEM model, and the brand awareness is very weak, and they do not even have their own brands. Even some of the rising Chinese sanitary ware brands are living in underdeveloped or underdeveloped areas where the company is located, and they are almost inviolable with the international brand camp. At this time, domestic brands were completely unaware of the imminent crisis and the importance of the brand, while foreign brands experienced the golden period of highest profit return, and the brand image has gradually been recognized by consumers.

Analysis of the reasons for the weak market competitiveness of China's bathroom brand manufacturers

After China's entry into the WTO, the market scope of foreign sanitary bathroom brand manufacturers in China has further expanded, and they have begun to advance to the primary, secondary, and even county-level markets in mainland China. The competition for market interests with local brands has gradually intensified. Facing the strong attack of international brands, China's sanitary ware manufacturers have adopted market strategies such as cost reduction and price promotion to cope with it. The brand competitiveness is obviously at a disadvantage. Wang Yanqing, president of Huida Group, who has just represented Chinese bathroom manufacturers to participate in the Frankfurt International Bathroom Brand Manufacturers Exhibition, said in an interview with the author that Chinese bathroom manufacturers ’products are either streamlined in appearance, color, functional configuration, or technological innovation, product design, and technical design , Function configuration, internal control quality standards are not inferior to foreign brand products. The reason why it has been rejected by ISH, the international bathroom equipment, building, energy, air-conditioning technology, and renewable energy exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, which has the "vanevane of the international bathroom brand manufacturer industry" for 50 years, is that the key lies in the local bathroom brand manufacturers. Brand culture and competitiveness are far behind international brands, and the brand's international image and visibility are low.

The level of originality needs to be improved

At the just-concluded ISH Frankfurt International Bathroom Equipment, Building, Energy, Air-Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energy Exhibition, Huida Sanitary Ware Manufacturers introduced a magnetic levitation series independently developed by a foreign design team, both in terms of appearance and color. Whether it is from the design ideas of life, they are extremely chic. This original design product quickly became the focus of Frankfurt, attracting the attention of many international merchants, and also made Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers recognized by the world. However, for most SMEs, "plagiarism" is still the main means of product development. Due to the large investment cost of product design and the high risks, many domestic small and medium-sized bathroom brand manufacturers rarely even get involved in the "unknown field" of product design. In order to save "design costs" or designer expenses, these companies are willing to pull their brands behind.

"In the past, many domestic sanitary brand manufacturers focused on export business, and most of their original design capabilities were relatively lacking." Tong Zhijie, director of marketing of Tangshan Huida Ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd., said that blindly following foreign design cannot establish "China Brand. " To this end, Huida has established close cooperative relationships with well-known designers at home and abroad, and last year set up a product research and development center in cooperation with professional design companies, and designed sanitary ware manufacturers with Chinese characteristics and in line with international fashion trends.

Chinese bathroom manufacturers need to go out

The development of an enterprise should take a long-term view. If domestic bathroom brand manufacturers go abroad and sing internationally, they need to establish a scientific innovation system, innovative ideas, innovative designs, innovative services, and seek linkage and collaboration with the industry. Through the integration of resources, serialized supporting production, design to improve quality, optimize function configuration, create a bathroom brand manufacturer space with an overall design, and push the bathroom brand manufacturer industry to the forefront of fashion.

Since 2009, domestic sanitary brand manufacturers have launched linkages and collaborations with related industries. The Asia-Pacific Residential Industrialization Alliance initiated by Huida Group and Beijing Shiyan Media has begun to make efforts and held dozens of times in large and medium-sized cities across the country. The Asia-Pacific Residential Industrialization Forum, and through collaboration with real estate and building materials companies, domestic bathroom brand manufacturers have gradually been applied to office buildings, subways, high-end housing and other engineering projects.

Li Jiutai, executive director of Tang En (Beijing) Product Design R & D Center, believes that the change of consumer's concept is the key for Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers to enter the world. In the future, the Chinese sanitary ware industry will move towards nationalization, living, technology and international development of. Li Jiutai believes that bathroom brand manufacturers' products serve life, but consumers need to be guided by responsible companies, and companies that can lead the consumer concept will definitely move to the front end of the industry. At the same time, Li Jiutai emphasized that with the improvement of China's world status, China's way of thinking will gradually affect the world, and Chinese national culture will be more and more reflected in the world's bathroom brand manufacturers. This has also laid a solid foundation for Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers to go global.

Advocating nationalized, living, scientific, and international consumption is undoubtedly a concept, but also a spread of bathing culture. Through continuous innovation, it leads consumption, spreads culture, and promotes the development of the industry. Chinese bathroom manufacturers are moving to the forefront of international fashion. Just around the corner.