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E-commerce in physical stores has become a new breakthrough in the bathroom industry

Posted on April 01 2022

The downturn of the general environment has affected the development of the sanitary ware industry. In the case of market depression, sanitary ware manufacturers should actively look for new market growth points. However, it is not advisable to put all the eggs in one basket. The risk is too high. Divide the eggs into several baskets and share the risk when it is safe. The same is true for sanitary ware manufacturers. Don't be brought to the depressed mood by the general environment. The depressed market can't find vitality.

In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of home stores above designated size increased slightly, but the trend slowed down as a whole compared with the same period last year. The transformation demand of stock houses in the real estate market is slowly releasing, but the industrial capital pressure is too large in the second half of the year. With the downturn of China's housing market, the sales performance of sanitary ware industry has also slowed down. With the continuous deepening and strengthening of the national real estate regulation and control policy, the potential families of "rigid demand" of real estate are still waiting and waiting. The actual purchasing power of sanitary ware is relatively declining, and the demand can not maintain the growth of sales. Sanitary faucet manufacturers are facing the situation of overcapacity and weak market.

Actively seek new market growth points

With the global economic downturn, the traditional furniture industry is facing market shrinkage and rising costs. In addition, the traditional furniture is a labor-intensive industry with low entry threshold. The expansion in previous years has led to overcapacity. Sanitary ware and other home decoration building materials industries are urgently facing new breakthroughs and new transformation. "In the long run, the process of urbanization, the promotion and application of green building materials and the advent of the tide of secondary decoration are all good for the prospect of the bathroom industry.". According to the analysis of some experts, "however, according to the current situation, sanitary ware manufacturers can't only rely on the adjustment of the property market if they want to restore the prosperity. Sanitary ware manufacturers should take action first. For example, with the current trend of" big home "and" whole house customization ", sanitary ware manufacturers should make multiple arrangements to seize more market share.

Explore their own o2o mode

At present, the o2o mode of offline experience, delivery and online transaction is the most promising e-commerce operation mode in the sanitary ware industry. The o2o mode ends with online transaction, and the offline logistics service, experience and delivery, and then returns to online comment and sharing to achieve a closed loop. This mode has been verified and has great potential. For sanitary ware manufacturers, physical stores are the key to their e-commerce Consumers need to establish brand awareness and brand trust, complete product experience and product services through physical stores. O2o mode is an optional e-commerce mode for the sanitary ware industry. Many sanitary ware manufacturers are exploring their own o2o mode.