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Faucet exports YOROOW bathroom popular in Southeast Asia

Posted on April 01 2022

In the bathroom industry, especially in the tap export market, although the share of the global China share bathroom hardware market, Chinese faucet manufacturers under the trend of globalization, internationalization gradually China sanitary enterprises development road.

YOROOW as one of China well-known bathroom faucet manufacturers, tap the export trade still maintain a good momentum of development, according to the YOROOW bathroom market manager Lin Li introduced in the first half of 2015, YOROOW bathroom foreign trade exports hit more than thirty percent year-on-year growth rate, to obtain good results. Especially in the Southeast Asian market, YOROOW bathroom with reliable tap quality, rapid development in the market, more Southeast Asian brands to provide faucet OEM services.

Southeast Asia market in the service sector development momentum is strong, but in the manufacturing sector and China complement each other resources, in the absence of large-scale production of faucets and other sanitary products, local factories, more choice YOROOW bathroom faucet manufacturers such as Cooperation, YOROOW bathroom has been in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, Panama, South America and other countries and regions to provide a number of brands shower, faucet and other sanitary products OEM services.

YOROOW bathroom manufacturers focus on manufacturing faucet to provide quality faucet products

Export faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom, located in China's Plumbing production base - Fujian, Nanan. As a supplier of OEM factory, faucets and sanitary ware products, we can provide OEM service for faucets and sanitary products. YOROOW to the humanized design and exquisite manufacturing process for production of the product, much the market, YOROOW faucet manufacturers to provide multi style customized bathroom products, widely used in hotels, homes and other different styles of field.