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Faucet factory produces Thai faucets

Posted on April 01 2022

YOROOW provide export Thai faucet manufacturers. YOROOW faucet factory in Fujian Nan'an City, is a professional for the export of Thai faucet manufacturers. We currently have 300 faucets for the local market in Thailand. We can provide samples according to customer production. Faucet with ceramic spool, the surface of the three-tier plating to ensure that the surface smooth and beautiful. Quality assurance.

YOROOW faucet manufacturers have exported Thailand faucet packaging products, 20 different styles of design. Can also be customized according to the requirements of customers in Thailand.

YOROOW basin faucet adopts advanced electroplating process, after multiple coatings of nickel and chromium plating layer with good adhesion, fine texture, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the product surface gloss is sharp, long lasting.

Faucet industry exports Thailand overview:

Thailand's sanitary demand for building materials increased year by year, in 2016 to about 2.2 billion Egyptian pounds (about 300 million US dollars, accounting for 0.4% of Thailand's GDP that year). Among them, the value of imports reached 60 million US dollars, accounting for 20% of the output value of the entire industry, accounting for Thailand's total imports of 0.35%. Faucet bathroom products such as consumption of about 350 million Egyptian pounds, 60% by imports. Thailand's average annual sales tax from the faucet industry amounted to 140 million Egyptian pounds.

Export Thai faucet shell: the choice of high-quality copper materials, using the most advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery manufacturing, totally natural, durable.

Export: Thailand faucet spool basin faucet with precision ceramic core, with diamond-like hardness, ceramic cartridge high quality, comfortable light, has 500 thousand times more switch can still operate smoothly saving, durability is not Water Leakage.