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Faucet joins hands with the Star Search Award to explore the secrets of future design

Posted on April 02 2022

Faucet joins hands with the Star Search Award to explore the secrets of future design

In recent years, words such as "individualization", "national tide", and "self-space" have been loved and sought after by young people. The rise of these words reflects that the consumption upgrade trend has risen from the material level to the spiritual level. People-oriented, design as a matchmaker, Skills are the roots, and skills and design become the homologues of people and life.

In September 2021, the third "Star Search Award" Future Space Design Concept Contest, co-organized by Faucet, came into being, which "impacted" consumers from the material and spiritual levels. The event was held in five major competition areas, namely, the East China Division, the North China Division, the West China Division, the South China Division and the Finals. Through online selection, on-site semi-final competitions, finals and other levels of selection, with the key words of future, trend, vitality, and fashion, we will create China's most authoritative forward-looking design competition, excavate outstanding talents, and meet the new requirements of current consumption upgrades.


So, as a domestic trendy and professional design competition, what are the highlights of the "Star Search Award" Future Space Design Concept Competition?

Close up, perceive the charm of design

In the 39 years of unremitting development, the faucet has always adhered to the use of excellent design concepts and advanced techniques to lead the industry. In this competition, the faucet, as a co-organizer, will bring home products, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and other products to the scene to show the best designers and students across the country the way of faucet design. At that time, you can get a close-up perception of how the LA’BOBO antibacterial technology of the faucet is moisture-proof and mildew-proof, you can also experience the high-tech charm of the smart toilet, and you can even witness the soul of the faucet's overall bathroom solution design.


There is a scale, an unprecedented event

For a long time, the Star Search Award has established a competition platform to discover potential Chinese designers, and explore young people's attitudes and value pursuits for future life, wisdom collision, and creative competition.

It is reported that this competition is divided into two groups, the professional group and the student group, for selection. The local design leaders, the deans of the art academy and professional teachers in the competition area will form the star promoters to recommend potential contestants. Invite design masters, representatives of well-known research institutions, university professors, and industry experts to form a team of judging tutors. Among them, the dean of the National Art Urban Design Art Institute of China Academy of Art, Du Baijun, co-designer of Boren International and other design circles will serve tutor. Enterprise representatives, guest representatives, and media representatives will form an observation group to interact on-site. At that time, the industrial design director of faucet products will also be present as a representative of the observation group. Outstanding designers and outstanding students with forward-looking trends in the future.

On September 29th, at the Shanghai Station of the East China Division of the Star Search Awards, relevant leaders such as the executive president of the faucet, the brand director, the domestic marketing center home improvement channel director, the ceramic tile marketing director, the general manager of the Shanghai branch, and the deputy general manager of the Shanghai branch will also Invited to participate.

Strong, dazzling everywhere

This time the Star Search Award invites a group of powerful designers to join, and also invites the faucet to co-organize it. The faucet is a "fashion design pioneer" in the building materials and home furnishing industry. The theme of 2021 is defined as "Design for Beautiful", which coincides with the purpose of the event. Relying on the advantages of forward-looking product design and advanced design concepts, the product industrial design director was invited to join the observation group. After the designer's competition in the sub-station and finals is completed, he exercises the "right to challenge" and join the crowd. Design talents and big coffees talk about the future. At the same time, as the co-organizer of the event, Faucet will bring theme sharing at the four semi-finals across the country. At the same time, it will also showcase new products such as housing, ceramic tiles, and sanitary ware. It will also provide corporate videos at the national sub-station and finals. Various exposure methods, such as promotional videos, further consolidate the strength of the design.

In recent years, faucets have realized that in the face of intensified competition for talents and intensified technological competition, design will become a new growth turning point. Only by continuously meeting consumer quality requirements, increasing design investment and comprehensively improving smart bathroom, bathroom cabinets, and hardware Sanitary ware, balcony cabinets, ceramic tiles, overall bathroom and other products are designed to be competitive, and design empowers a better life. The co-organization of this competition is also an important step for the faucet to deepen its design imprint. We will work together to design the competition to create an ecological solution for the bathroom space, and define the "new residence in the future" for global users.


In 2021, the first quarter-final competition of the third season of the Star Quest Award-East China Division (Shanghai Station) will start on September 29 at the Sheraton Pudong Hotel in Shanghai. The five instructors in the East China Division have assembled and the tap Fully ready.

What is the trend of the future?

What kind of design is needed in the future?

Follow the faucet and walk into Shanghai,

Witness the collision between the designer's future creativity and the students' divergent thinking~