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Faucet sanitary ware won 2021 Huateng Cup Top Ten Sanitary Ware Brand Awards

Posted on April 02 2022

Recently, China Building Materials Network organized the selection of the top ten/top ten brands of household building materials in the 2021 "Hua Teng Cup" household building materials industry brand power comprehensive index data list. Faucet Sanitary Ware won the award of "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands in Sanitary Ware" by virtue of its excellent industry influence and excellent comprehensive brand strength.

The "Hua Teng Cup" has attracted wide attention from the industry and consumers since its opening. Adhering to a professional, objective, rigorous and fair attitude, through non-manual retrieval, automatic statistics of big data systems, and comprehensive analysis of cloud computing systems, the big data list of the home building materials industry brand power comprehensive index of real and objective corporate strength is calculated . And after a series of rigorous evaluations such as online voting, expert review, and expert evaluation, it has been professionally affirmed.


Faucet sanitary ware won the "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands of Sanitary Ware" award, which is not only the recognition of the Huida brand by consumers, but also the trust in Huida's quality, and it is the best feedback from the market. As a comprehensive sanitary ware enterprise integrating sanitary product design, R&D, production, sales and after-sales, faucet sanitary ware has developed for 39 years and has become a well-known comprehensive sanitary ware brand at home and abroad with its continuous innovative business model and global development vision. It has built a complete sales and service system in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has become a promoter and practitioner of building a global brand for China's sanitary ware.

National brand pioneer: independent research and development design, carry the banner of domestic products

Independent research and development design has always been one of the core competitiveness of faucet bathroom. Up to now, the faucet bathroom has more than 600 national patents, filling a number of technical gaps in the industry, and has won a number of national science and technology progress awards, German red dot awards, and American IDEA Industrial Design Award, Italian ADesign Design Award, China Red Star Award, Cotton Tree Drive Award and other authoritative design awards at home and abroad.

At the same time, faucet sanitary ware also has the industry’s first post-doctoral workstation, a national industrial design center, and the "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" jointly recognized by five national ministries and commissions. It has won the "National Brand" award for many years! For many years, faucet sanitary ware has also actively participated in the country , The formulation of industry standards. In 2015, it became the drafting unit of the national standard of Sanitary Ceramics (No.: GB/6952-2015). (No.: GB/T50543-2019), the faucet bathroom also played the role of the main participating unit, and the president Wang Yanqing was listed on the list of the main drafters of the standard. This is not only the embodiment of the strong comprehensive strength of the faucet bathroom, but also the independent research and development and design of the faucet bathroom Highly recognized.

Domestic brands: with a global perspective, forging national standards

Faucet sanitary ware has always adhered to the concept of "benefit from one place, benefited from all directions", and with strong large-scale product delivery and service capabilities to provide support to major customers around the world, it has successively won the 2008 Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the 2019 Beijing Expo and the National Diplomacy Recognition of many iconic projects such as the Ministry of Education, Xiong’an New Area, and Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics. During the epidemic, the faucet and bathroom products were once again sent to Leishenshan to support construction, and successively entered the epidemic prevention projects of hospitals in many cities across the country, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Tangshan, etc. Responsibility of major country brands. In terms of real estate customers, it has become a strategic partner of well-known real estate companies such as Country Garden, Wanda, CITIC, Longfor, and Poly.

Not only that, Shanghai Peace Hotel, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Peking University, Country Garden overseas projects, including star-rated hotels, transportation hubs, commercial real estate, and many other well-known landmark buildings at home and abroad, faucets and bathrooms also contributed a lot. , Represents the national sanitary ware brand, and represents the strength of China's manufacturing.

Brand competition: accelerate marketing reform from the perspective of young people

Faucet sanitary ware is well versed in creating emotional resonance with consumers, which is the key to the lasting impact of brand marketing. Only continuous innovative marketing and bundling of IP can win the brand battle. To this end, Faucet Sanitary Ware has made a lot of efforts and reforms, sponsoring the Chinese women's volleyball team, interacting with the women's volleyball team and landing brand marketing and charity activities, combining the appearance of major country brands in the central government as a brand endorsement, and holding college awards to carry out campus marketing. More reform from the source, marketing is transformed from product-oriented to user-oriented, increase investment in young people's platforms such as Shuangweiyiyi and Xiaohongshu, plan activities and topics that young people love, and form immersive experiences and deep interactions. Realize the deep integration of online and offline, and have made outstanding achievements in brand and channel building.

As a leader in the sanitary ware industry, quality has always been the insistence of faucet sanitary ware. I believe that in the next development process, the faucet bathroom will continue to meet the needs of consumers.