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Faucet sanitary ware won the 2021 Outstanding Home Furnishing Brand Enterprise Award

Posted on April 02 2022

Faucet sanitary ware won the 2021 Outstanding Home Furnishing Brand Enterprise Award

After months of preparation and selection, on the evening of September 10, the "2021 (4th) Leju Finance Annual Forum and Finance Night" with the theme of "Steady Progress" was officially held in Shanghai, and the brand director of faucet sanitary ware was invited to attend In the event, faucet sanitary ware won the heavyweight award of "2021 Excellent Home Furnishing Brand Enterprise", with high gold content and strong authority.


The award was selected by Leju Finance Research Institute through research, combined with the evaluation of experts in the industry, from multiple perspectives such as business data, business layout, brand awareness, consumer recognition, user experience, and social responsibility. Award-winning companies need to explore the benchmark of excellent home furnishing brands that maintain their forward momentum in the home furnishing field, constantly break through boundaries, and create more value for a better society.

"Strength" can be selected as an excellent home furnishing brand. The "strength" here includes product strength, brand strength, marketing ability and other dimensions. Enriching its own "strength" will be the only way for a company to break through.

——Faucet bathroom


The guests attending the 2021 (4th) Leju Finance Annual Forum and Finance Night included hundreds of real estate, home and property owners, presidents and brand officials, and industry leaders gathered to make suggestions for the development of the industry and discuss the future development. The way.

Said that 2021 has entered the fiercest moment of competition. The next few months should be the time for the home furnishing industry to demonstrate its own combat effectiveness. Not only must the sales volume, brand voice volume, R&D innovation, etc. during the epidemic prevention and control period be recovered, but also Only by realizing a qualitative leap can a satisfactory answer sheet be handed in at the end of the year. This year, the faucet sanitary ware has been more clear and firm in the general direction of "designing for the good, making for the good and smart", focusing on the concept of "good life" and constantly innovating and creating, to provide users with one-stop bathroom solutions. In the next few months, the faucet bathroom will be closer to the market, taking the National Day as an example for event marketing, and cooperating with high-speed rail and other advertisements to empower regional marketing activities, and conveying the brand image through multiple channels and multiple angles.


Regarding the brand work, the representative of the faucet manufacturer introduced: “Doing a good job of branding is not simple. As an important department of the company’s external image display, facing different audiences, it must carry out segmented and diversified communication. At the same time, the brand still Taking the responsibility of grasping the quality of products and services, the voices of consumers are fed back to all levels of the company as soon as possible to help optimize products and improve services. The brand work of any company is a long way to go."

The faucet sanitary ware won the 2021 Outstanding Home Furnishing Brand Enterprise Award this time. It also stems from the fact that product quality, product design and research and development have been the top priority for many years. In recent years, it has successively won the German Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award, and the American IDEA Recognized by many international design awards such as the Industrial Design Award. At the same time, it absorbs advanced technology, introduces high-end talents, observes changes in consumption trends, and develops smart toilets, thermostatic showers, jacuzzis, smart mirrors, voice faucets and other new products that conform to the development of the times, and provide more new ideas for a better living.


In terms of layout, we constantly try to innovate and sum up a set of systems suitable for our own development. At present, it owns faucet sanitary ware, ceramic tile, residential and high-end rock slab brand LA'BOBO (Guangxi New Goldman Sachs), etc., and its marketing network covers the world, covering more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and its marketing network in China The system covers multiple channels such as standard specialty stores, KA stores, cabinet specialty stores, e-commerce channels, engineering channels, Internet home improvement, and cross-industry alliances. In the past two years, it has focused more on engineering channels and reached strategic cooperation with well-known real estate. At the same time, by building an elite team, widening the channels and revitalizing the market, the home improvement channel becomes a new profit support point.

The faucet sanitary ware, the official sponsor of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and a large-country brand company, is naturally shining. In recent years, it has entered the young group and developed new media marketing. It has successively joined forces with the Academy Awards and Douyin to explore the marketing direction under the new situation. Deliver the brand concept. Repaying the society, contributing value, and being a respectable enterprise full of social responsibility are Huida's persistent goals, from building nursing homes, building parks, donating elementary schools, to supporting the construction of Leishen Mountain and Huoshen Mountain, and donating to the disaster-stricken areas in Henan, etc. , The faucet bathroom is not only praised by CCTV, but also gained a good reputation from many consumers.


Since its establishment in 1982, after 39 years of development, faucet sanitary ware has shown the world the ability, responsibility and strength that Chinese brands should have. In the future, faucet sanitary ware will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "Enze one place, sanitary ware in all directions", with the core concept of "integration, intelligence, and ecology", and strive to build a world-class integrated bathroom home brand, and become a global brand of Chinese sanitary ware. Promoters and practitioners, let the faucet sanitary ware renew its glory.