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Focus on the trend elements of bathroom decoration and find the style you like

Posted on October 10 2022

Due to the impact of the epidemic, people are staying at home for longer and longer, and therefore the pursuit of home furnishing is getting higher and higher and more diversified. What style do you like now? A few days ago, the designers of a number of home and design websites gave their answers. Although everyone has different views, the following elements are repeated in their vision and have certain reference value.

- Remove the Shower Enclosure -

Water Sapce is an increasingly popular concept. Different from the previous shower room, a major feature of the water space is that it is open and unrestrained. It simply separates the wet area from the dry area with a piece of glass. The metal parts can be black or gold. This innovative layout makes the bathroom wider. After the space is increased, facilities such as double showers can also be set up to enjoy double showers.
- Embrace the Basics -

"Basic style" is not only a concept in the clothing industry, but also spreads to the field of bathroom design, manifesting as a clean and delicate shape and a single function. "Basic" is the product of the minimalist trend, which is currently dominated by white and gray. It can also be matched with other color bathrooms to increase the vitality of the bathroom.

- Reduce Storage Space -

A washbasin with storage space is a correct posture. However, some designers believe that this product is not only bloated, but also contains odds and ends that I don't know when I will need it, and may have been damp when it is actually used. The washbasin will restore its original appearance, and the storage function will be handed over to the pendant and the alcove.

- Asymmetrical -

You can change the monotonous mood of your bathroom by changing the pattern on the floor or walls, or you can create something unique by breaking the inherent shape of bathroom furniture. Symmetry is a characteristic of Chinese architecture and products, but asymmetry is one of the reasons why designs in some Nordic countries and Japan have flourished. Next year, asymmetrical bathroom accessories will be more popular, but don't overemphasize the asymmetry, and pay attention to the effect of matching, otherwise it will be too overwhelming.

- Intelligent Technology -

With the advancement of technology, more technologies are used in bathrooms. In the next two years, smart toilets will become more popular, and LED lighting, sensor faucets, smart bath mirrors, and heated towel rails will return to daily life from "black technology", enter more family bathrooms, and implant Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby Devices such as artificial voice systems will become the control center of the bathroom.

- Log Elements -

The data shows that gray and white are still the mainstream color of bathroom space, and as its matching color, log color is rising rapidly. Because it is made of wood, the bathroom equipment incorporating log elements can be matched with almost all products of different colors to form an overall style. The shower area, washbasin, bathroom cabinet, wall, etc. are all its haunts.

- Black is The New Grey-

Gray is the mainstream color for bathrooms in 2016-2018, but it will change from next year, and black bathrooms will become more popular, especially in lamps, mirrors, faucets, showers and other fixed objects. Of course, gray seems to be difficult to pull off the altar, which requires a long process.

- Pops of Color-

With the popularity of "de-gray" in the design field, more sunny and bright colors have emerged. There is no doubt that colored bathrooms are the mainstay of some brands, but more companies are expected to launch similar products next year. Some designers believe that the blues and greens that are currently trending in kitchens will make their way into bathrooms next year, bringing a variety of moods to the space. In addition, some companies have launched pink overall space this year, and it is believed that it will become more popular in the next two years.


Tile is ubiquitous in bathrooms, but next year a product known as terrazzo will be popular. This is a product made by mixing aggregates such as crushed stone, glass, quartz stone into cement binder, and then grinding and polishing. It has various shapes, surface patterns, reliefs, etc. It can be applied to the wall or the ground, and it will complement each other with mosaics.

- Industrial Style -

This year, many sanitary ware companies have launched industrial-style products, but it may not be recognized until next year. In addition to common bathroom cabinets, industrial elements can be reflected in faucets, lamps, wash basins, toilets and other equipment. With unmodified cement walls and red brick walls, the effect will be more outstanding. Although the industrial style will not become the mainstream, as a subdivided design trend, it will form a small climax next year.

- Standalone Bathtub -

Freestanding bathtubs have become very popular in the international design world in recent years, and more and more such products have won awards in multiple design awards, which expands the boundaries of bathtub design and makes it more diverse. For example, there are more color and shape. But in general, the freestanding bathtub will be more popular in 2019, and there is no reason to ignore it for viewing and enjoyment.

-Brass & Gold With A Vintage Comeback-

The retro bathroom with brass as the main tone will return to the mainstream design with the memory of my grandfather. In addition to being suitable for faucet showers, this style can also be applied to pendants, mirror frames, shower handles and other positions. With modern space design, it becomes a bathroom The finishing touch is there.