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Fujian sanitary ware manufacturers account for 70% of the market share in the country

Posted on April 02 2022

In 2012, Su Zengfu, 71, returned to the Jianghu with his proud new work, stainless steel sanitary ware brand. In fact, after the final choice of surrender of the controlling rights of supaul in 2006, suzengfu has been looking for a new pillar industry for his kingdom of supaul. As a pioneer, choosing sanitary brand as a venture project is undoubtedly to see the business opportunities and potential of the Chinese sanitary brand market. In the process of China integrating into the global economic environment, the economic strength has risen rapidly, and China has become one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. China has a large number of economic infrastructure construction and improvement, and the industrial development is gradually mature, with obvious advantages of low labor cost. China sanitary brand has made full use of this advantage and gradually become the largest bathroom brand production country in the world.

The strengthening of the central position is first reflected in the overall growth of hardware exports in recent years. The export growth rate of main hardware products is higher than the growth rate of production, and higher than the growth rate of domestic market sales; The main hardware and electrical products have been blooming in all respects. Not only the traditional export of electric tools, hand tools and building hardware products has increased greatly, but also the export growth of kitchen electric products and sanitary products with a small proportion in 2004 is also very obvious. The huge market and central position gravity will further attract the transfer of manufacturing center of hardware multinational company to China.

Export growth is facing the challenge of transformation

In the past, the annual export of China's hardware industry has maintained an average growth rate of about 8%. In 2012, the statistics show that the hardware export quota for the first time exceeded US $5billion, ranking third in light industry export. It is expected that in the next few years, the brand of sanitary ware will achieve a steady and rapid growth rate of 10%, among which, the sanitary mould has achieved a growth rate of 15% ~ 20% in the year, China has gradually become a large export country with the integration of hardware production and processing in the world, and has successfully entered one of the world's largest hardware production countries.

At least 70% of the hardware industry in China is private enterprises, which is the main force in the development of hardware industry. China has gradually become a world hardware processing and export power, and has become one of the world's hardware production countries, with a broad market and consumption potential. It is reported that China's water and heating products have ranked first in the world in production and sales, and is the world's most deserving producer, exporter and consumer country of sanitary ware. In the past, rapid development is a way of pursuing quantity and speed. With the adjustment of domestic economic structure, the increase of various costs and the crisis of international market economy, the export situation will not be optimistic. Many sanitary brand export enterprises will face the export mode of declining profits and upgrading.

"At present, export-oriented enterprises have encountered the most difficulties, mainly due to the changes in exchange rate, market demand and the reduction of export tax rebate rate," Jin Lixin, Deputy Secretary General of China Hardware Association, said on the export of hardware products. Especially, the decrease of export tax rebate rate has a great influence on the export of enterprises. Taking the hardware lock industry as an example, some export enterprises have had a difficult sales, and the orders at the Canton Fair last year have decreased significantly. At the same time, some enterprises have long neglected to establish brand marketing channels in domestic market, so it is necessary to make greater efforts to find a breakthrough in the domestic market in the short term. "

"If it was seven or eight years ago, at the import and export exhibition, overseas customers generally have an intention to display new products, and can place orders on site. Before the financial crisis in 2008, Alibaba, global resources network and other network channels were constantly sent to customers, only email and telephone communication were needed to make a deal. Now, we can not taste the past at all, and feel the export situation is getting more and more severe. Traditional foreign trade model is facing the decline of customer inquiry quality, which makes it difficult to deal with the transaction. The effect of the exhibition is also much worse than before, few customers can place orders on site, customers always compare three goods, think over and over again, even make the exhibition a place of bargain. " Wang yanlei, manager of international marketing department of aikhwaray sanitary ware, said.

The industrial region model is mature

Speaking of the distribution of origin of China's sanitary industry, most people first pushed Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. After decades of operation, the development of kitchen and sanitation industry in Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong has become more and more mature, and has become the main production area of China's sanitary industry. Guangdong production area mainly produces sanitary ware brand, valve, water tank accessories, induction sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, leisure sanitary ware and ceramic sanitary ware. Guangdong production zone is the most perfect industry chain, the most enterprises and the most famous brand in China.

It is reported that Kaiping Shuikou Town is engaged in the production of water and heating sanitary ware in nearly 500 enterprises, more than 30000 employees, the domestic market share of products has reached more than 40 percent, and the export volume increases at a rate of 20 percent a year. There are more than 10 plumbing enterprises with annual output value of over 100 million yuan in Shuikou Town, 30 enterprises with fixed assets of over ten million yuan, more than 10 products exported, more than 20 enterprises certified by international ISO, and more than 300 products authorized by national patent. The water and water heating sanitary ware industry now has nearly 4000 professional talents, and the whole industry adopts the world advanced production equipment.

Chaozhou mainly produces ceramic sanitary ware. More than 800 ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers, whose output accounts for half of the country, has a large export volume, and has become a OEM OEM OEM OEM distribution center of many brands in China. It is currently the most dynamic and potential production base in the country. Caitang Town, Chaoan County, mainly consists of stainless steel towel rack, paper towel box, stainless steel utensils and water tanks. The industrial agglomeration scale is at least 500, and the enterprise scale is relatively small.

Foshan mainly produces bathroom furniture, brand of bathroom, hardware and stainless steel sink, shower room, ceramic sanitary ware, etc. It is estimated that the whole Foshan area is not less than 3000 production enterprises. Heshan hardware and bathroom industry has become a characteristic industry in the town. There are more than 300 hardware and sanitary ware enterprises in Dongxi Development Zone A and B of Dongxi Development Zone in Shanzhen, with a total investment of 1billion yuan and an annual output value of 1.4 billion yuan.

At present, Fujian sanitary kitchen sales value has leapt to the first place in the country. According to statistics, in 2011, the top 30 of the total export amount of sanitary ware export sources, and Haixi kitchen base dominated by Fujian occupied 20 seats“ During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Fujian cuisine and sanitation industry, which is centered on the south of Fujian Province, maintained an annual growth rate of more than 30%.

At present, Fujian Province has occupied 70% of the market share of the country, 31 Enterprises above the scale, with more than 3000 products and more than 20000 specifications. Supporting industries such as equipment manufacturing, accessory production, finished product assembly, sales market, logistics, intermediary, training and other supporting industries are basically improved, which has led to the development of more than 100000 upstream and downstream enterprises in China.

Nanan water heating hardware sanitary ware, which is centered on Lun Cang town and Yingdu Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province is well known for its kitchen industry, which is centered on Xiamen Road DA and gold cabinet. Nan'an has become the leading brand gathering place of China water heating industry, and it has spread across the country hundreds of thousands of building materials water heating sales army, and has created a miracle that "without Nan'an people, the national sanitary brand will stop water".

Especially, Fujian cuisine and sanitation industry, with Nan'an as the center, has an output value of over 25billion yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year in 2012, with the total output value ranking the first in the country. Among them, leading enterprises such as Zhongyu, brilliance, Jiumu and Luda have been rising against the trend, with output value exceeding 30%. The sales staff of Nan'an plumbing and plumbing all over the country are nearly 400000. They not only sell products produced in Fujian, but also control the sales of products in other regions of the country, with a total annual sales of nearly 400billion yuan. Developed sales network is a unique tool for Fujian cooking and health industry in domestic market.

At present, Zhejiang sanitary industry has formed six distinctive economic development plates, including Hangzhou leisure sanitary base, Jiaxing Pinghu sanitary ware base, Wenzhou water heating equipment production base, Taizhou water heating sanitary ware base, Ningbo water heating equipment and bathroom accessories production base, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Zhoushan and Huzhou industrial base.

Jiaxing Wangdian town is famous for producing Yuba. The peaceful products of Jiaxing Xiuzhou District, which account for 70% of domestic market and 50% of global market, sell more than 20 million products in the whole year, with sales revenue of nearly 2 billion yuan.

In recent years, the water heating and sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly in Yuhuan, road and bridge, with an output value of 24billion yuan, accounting for 16.5% of the total industrial output value. At present, the platform making base of the water heating valve and pump industry in the world is transferring to Taizhou, of which the jade ring is the most concentrated, and Yuhuan is the largest production and export base of medium and low pressure copper valve in China.

The future sanitary brand is still full of potential

At present, the domestic market channel network of the first and second tier Sanitary Ware brands in China is basically saturated. With the rapid growth of the whole national sanitary market, the number of new distributors involved in the brand industry of sanitary ware has increased rapidly. With the rapid growth of the industry, the new brand still has a huge market space.

At present, in addition to the first and second tier cities, the fast-growing sanitary market of the new third and fourth tier cities brings great opportunities for the rapid rise of new brands. Hengjie, Zhongyu and other famous national sanitary brands have grown rapidly from early new sharp brands to first-line brands, which has increased the confidence of sellers in choosing new brands.

With the rapid rise of new and sharp brands in China, except for a few brands relying on strong capital strength to exploit the market, most brands can only adopt step-by-step development strategy, expand from key regional markets to national market gradually, and grow from regional strong brands to national famous brands. For developers, the model house is a face of the real estate, the good and bad model housing directly affects the sales of commercial housing.

For the brand enterprises of sanitary ware, the influence of the model market on the formation of regional brands is closely related. If a regional brand wants to go out of the region and enter the national market, it must not blindly advance, but it needs to be promoted selectively, especially in the way of establishing a model market, and promoting strategically, purposefully and step by step.

This will be very conducive to the national market expansion of regional brands, so that regional brands step by step from the region to the national market, and grow into national brands. The key factor of brand influence advantage in market game is to create key regional market.

In Chaozhou, where the small and medium-sized Sanitary Ware brands are concentrated, some small and medium-sized brands have achieved the excellent sales of over ten million in a single regional market through the creation of model market. They have won the advantage over the domestic first-line famous Sanitary Ware brands in terms of regional market sales and brand influence, and gradually grow into a new and sharp sanitary brand with a certain potential.

At present, a large number of brand enterprises of sanitary ware have been transformed and upgraded in various parts of the country, and joined in the competition for domestic brand brand of sanitary ware. Thanks to the booming sales of real estate market in recent years, the demand of sanitary brand market is strong, the pressure faced by enterprise transformation and market development is relatively small. The emergence of new and sharp sanitary brands has increased the market expansion.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's real estate market, it brings huge business opportunities to domestic sanitary brand enterprises, and also opens the beginning of brand war in domestic sanitary brand market. The strong export-oriented sanitary brand enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized sanitary brand enterprises, including the brand brand enterprises which rely on the domestic sanitary market, have accelerated the development plan of domestic brand brand brand market, which has the momentum of all the princes and the Central Plains.

In the fierce competition for the brand market of sanitary ware, the first-line brand has strong and strong strength, and a large number of new brands with great growth potential have risen rapidly, which poses a great challenge to the brand pattern of China's sanitary brand industry. However, only the new brand cherish feathers can avoid the loneliness after glory and avoid the brand flash in the pan.