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Function analysis of angle valve

Posted on April 01 2022

Angle valve, as a detail that can not be ignored in the installation of sanitary products, the quality of products is very important. According to the statistics of the Consumer Association, in recent years, the decoration problems caused by angle valve leakage have increased year by year, causing great trouble and loss to consumers.

"Just after the new house was renovated and checked in, the triangle valve of the water heater burst and leaked. As a result, the floor, TV cabinet and wardrobe were flooded. It is preliminarily estimated that the loss is tens of thousands of yuan." In order to avoid the recurrence of such incidents, Xiaobian visited a number of building materials, hardware stores and other markets for verification.

Store staff said that the quality of the angle valve is directly related to the safety problem, so we must be careful in the process of purchasing and installing the angle valve. First of all, it depends on the material. The angle valve made of excellent copper has the best quality, which can greatly prolong the service life and ensure the use safety for a long time. In addition to the material, consumers should also pay attention to the electroplating luster of the appearance of the angle valve when purchasing. The surface should not only be bright, but also feel smooth and flawless. The most important thing to buy angle valves is to look at the brand. Generally, the standard angle valves of large brands are more guaranteed in terms of quality and service. Never buy "three noes" products for convenience or cheapness, so as to avoid having no way to claim in case of problems.

What brand of angle valve is good? The reporter noticed a triangular valve during his visit to the market. It feels very thick in his hand and the surface is very bright. The salesperson said that this angle valve is a luxury triangle valve made by Youlai. It is carefully made of high-quality copper. The valve body structure is tighter, the surface coating is thick, the corrosion resistance is better, and it is scratch resistant. It can still be as smooth as new after long-term use. The valve body opening and closing structure adopts quick opening ceramic disc valve core, which is more durable than ordinary rubber ring valve core. Moreover, the valve body is also printed with yoroow trademark, and the warranty period is 2 years, so users can rest assured to use it.

Although the angle valve is small, it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of waterway pipelines. Xiaobian once again reminds consumers to choose angle valves produced by regular brands. Do not use inferior angle valves to save a little money, which will have major hidden dangers.

Angle valve is an angle stop valve. Angle valve is similar to spherical valve. Its structure and characteristics are modified by spherical valve. The difference from the ball valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a 90 degree right angle to the inlet.

Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve and angle water valve. This is because the pipe forms a 90 degree corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called angle valve, angle valve and angle water valve.

The valve body of angle valve has three ports: water inlet, water control port and water outlet, so it is called triangle valve.

Of course, the angle valve is constantly improved. Although there are still three ports, there are also angle valves that are not angle shaped.

Features of angle valve:

1. The flow path is simple, and the dead zone and vortex zone are small. With the help of the scouring effect of the medium itself, it can effectively prevent the medium from blocking, that is, it has good self-cleaning performance;

2. The flow resistance is small, and the flow coefficient is larger than that of single seat valve, which is equivalent to that of double seat valve;

It is suitable for occasions with high viscosity, suspended solids and granular fluid, or where right angle piping is required. The flow direction is generally bottom inlet and side outlet.

Under special circumstances, it can be installed reversely, i.e. flow side in and bottom out.

There are two kinds of hot and cold triangular valves (distinguished by blue and red signs). Most manufacturers have the same material. The hot and cold signs are mainly to distinguish which is hot water and which is cold water.

Angle valve mainly plays four roles:

1. Water inlet and outlet of riser;

2. If the water pressure is too high, it can be adjusted on the triangular valve and turned down a little;

3. The function of the switch. If the faucet leaks, you can turn off the triangular valve without closing the main valve at home;

4. Beautiful and generous. Therefore, the general new house decoration is an essential plumbing accessories, so the designer will also mention it when decorating a new house.