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Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Brand Manufacturers Agent Introduction

Posted on April 02 2022

Hengjie bathroom brand service and market support

1. Brand operation guidance

(1) Business guidance

Hengjie Sanitary Brand Sanitary Ware has special sales consultants, which guide customers on a monthly basis and assist customers in pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

The headquarters has specialized functional departments to provide customers with comprehensive logistical support, such as promotion planning, financial docking, order docking, after-sales customer service docking, project bidding negotiation, bidding production guidance, and national chain building materials supermarket negotiation and other services.

Provide a full set of "Hengjie bathroom brand operation manual", "daily store management manual" and other operational guidance materials to guide customers to standardize operation management.

(2) Staff training

Small training: assist customers with professional standardized training services for sales staff and shop assistants.

Medium-sized training: Regularly dispatch professional lecturers and outstanding franchisees to conduct practical training in the area to improve the professional ability of customers and share successful experiences.

Large-scale training: Organize customers, customer sales staff, and shopping guides to study and learn in grades at Hengjie Sanitary Ware Company on an annual basis.

2.Standardized management guidance

(1) Computerized management

Hengjie sanitary ware brand provides computerized management software for free, helping customers complete online orders, inventory management, and after-sales service tracking.

(2) Decoration and product management services

The full-time designer of Hengjie Sanitary Bathroom Brand and Brand Operation Center will provide customers with a full set of SI and CI store image design, product portfolio sample and other professional services.

3.Marketing support

(1) Market support

Decoration and advertising: Hengjie sanitary ware brand provides decoration cost support and regional advertising delivery support according to the customer's store decoration area. For details, please refer to the "Cooperation Contract".

Media Advertising: Since 2009, Hengjie Sanitary Ware has hired Cun Cunyu as its spokesperson, and has invested tens of millions of large-scale advertising in CCTV, satellite TV, Internet, magazines and other media to support customers in marketing;

(2) Promotional support

Hengjie sanitary ware brand regularly provides professional marketing plans such as large-scale national promotions, case promotions, area joint promotions, and multi-brand joint promotions, etc. and provides market support; ensuring customers have regional competitive advantages.

steps to join:

Hengjie Sanitary Ware Company authorizes franchisees to exclusively operate Hengjie Sanitary ware brand sanitary ware in designated areas, and is responsible for the development, sales and after-sales service of Hengjie sanitary ware products in the local market.

Hengjie Sanitary Ware Company provides powerful marketing strategy support and services to franchisees, counsels franchisees to develop channels, improve daily business management, and provides (product sales, installation, after-sales, etc.) marketing strategy support and related training to promote Increase in sales performance.

The franchisees use the funds, manpower, warehousing, storefronts and geographical relationships to set up and operate Hengjie bathroom brand stores in accordance with the standards and requirements of Hengjie bathroom brand companies. Management and supervision of sanitary brand companies.

Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of ceramic sanitary ware and related supporting products. Hengjie bathroom brand production base is a combination of 6 companies including ceramic factory, wooden cabinet factory, bathtub, shower room and hardware faucet factory, import and export trading company and logistics center. Hengjie bathroom brand has the world-leading Italian SITI brand. A series of production equipment such as automatic tunnel kiln, Australian universal fully automatic tunnel kiln, general automatic shuttle kiln, domestic computer shuttle kiln, etc., with a construction area of ​​more than 560,000 square meters and more than 2,500 employees. In the past few years, it has been awarded the top ten kitchen and bathroom brands in China, the top ten bathroom brands in China, the contract-honoring enterprise, and the title of a large taxpayer. In 2011, it was awarded the "China Famous Trademark".

Hengjie sanitary ware brand sanitary ware is pursuing the enterprise by pursuing leading-edge research and development technology, excellence in manufacturing technology, and creating superb design and excellent and perfect combination products. At present, "Hengjie Sanitary Ware Brand" products have dozens of independent patents, with high technical content and high added value. As a leader of national independent brands, with excellent quality and service advantages, it has established nearly 2,000 marketing outlets throughout the country. Through the three-dimensional service system of production bases, specialty stores, agents, building materials supermarkets, branches, and after-sales service centers to provide consumers with comprehensive and meticulous services, in addition, the company also launched "1350, a lifetime for you" sunshine service green Channel, which is also the first company in the industry to open such a service channel. Zh

In November 2008, Hengjie Bathroom Sanitary Ware officially signed a contract with the well-known artist Yun Cunxin as the spokesperson for the brand image. The artistic temperament, personal achievements, popularity and enthusiasm of public welfare undertakings of Hengjie Sanitary Ware show the quality and national pride of Hengjie Sanitary Ware. , Highlights the brand image of Hengjie Sanitary Ware. With the extension of the market network and the maturity of the brand operation, "Hengjie Bathroom Brand" will have a broader market prospect.

Integrity is the foundation of life and the way of business. In the new century, Hengjie sanitary ware brand people take "unity, hard work, motivated, self-discipline, innovation, high efficiency" as the corporate spirit, "become a part of the quality of life of Chinese families" as the corporate philosophy, in order to become the leading Chinese sanitary bathroom field Big brands and work hard! Zh

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and service is the soul of a brand. Hengjie sanitary ware brand has always been adhering to the modern marketing concept of "Satisfying every customer" and has fully implemented the service commitment of "Lifetime After-sales Service and Five-year Free Warranty". Each sales outlet has perfect after-sales service. You can inquire the local Hengjie Sanitary Ware Sanitary Service Agency or the national after-sales service hotline 400-777-7130 at any time, and you will get a satisfactory answer and high-quality service, so you can rest assured Use comfortably.

Hengjie sanitary ware brand sanitary ware takes the development of national culture as its mission and bears the concept of "Chinese sanitary ware, Hengjie sanitary ware brand quality", and writes a new legend for the development history of China's overall sanitary ware.