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High-end brand YOROOW bathroom manufacturers lock in star hotel market

Posted on April 02 2022

Jiuzheng Building Materials Network News: As a world factory, China's sanitary faucet brands are dazzling with product quality and price advantages whether in the domestic or global market, but in the high-end market, especially in the star-rated hotel market, foreign capital Sanitary faucet brands have always occupied the majority share. "Most star-level hotels have the habit of introducing foreign sanitary faucet brands, and domestic brands are difficult to enter." This is a generally accepted view in the industry. The rise and consumer awareness of domestic brands, more and more national bathroom faucet brands are planning to seize high-end markets such as various stars, chain hotels, clubs, and real estate. Among them, YOROOW bathroom manufacturers are positioned as high-quality brands. A family.

In recent years, the Chinese hotel market has developed rapidly. According to statistics, there are more than 40,000 star-rated and non-star-rated hotels in China, which are increasing at a rate of 6% per year, and the average annual growth rate of the number of five-star hotels More than 15%, about 2,000 new hotels are put into use every year, and the market procurement scale reaches one trillion yuan. International sanitary faucet brands such as Japan and the United States have quickly occupied the high-end hotel market in China with their first-mover advantages. At present, domestic brands account for only about 10% of the high-end market. For this phenomenon, Lin Li, a business manager of YOROOW Sanitary Ware, believes that there are certain reasons for this. International sanitary ware brands started earlier, reaching more than 100 years. Yes, the short one is 50 to 60 years old. Regardless of brand management, enterprise size and financial strength, it has certain advantages. However, with the rapid development and resource accumulation in the past ten or twenty years, Chinese sanitary ware companies are no less inferior to foreign brands in terms of product appearance, functional configuration, quality, and technical innovation and service quality. Many famous foreign sanitary faucet brands are actually OEM produced by Chinese manufacturers.

As a well-known brand of sanitary faucets representing Chinese quality, YOROOW Sanitary Ware manufacturers focus on the mid-to-high-end market positioning, humanized design and exquisite manufacturing technology, focusing on domestic and foreign star, mid-to-high-end, and chain business hotel markets. The domestic market is very popular, and it has also been well received in high-end stores in Southeast Asia. The YOROOW brand has won honors such as "China's Famous Brand", "Top Ten Engineering Sanitary Brands", "China Engineering Green Recommended Products", "Top Ten Faucet Brands" and so on. In addition, according to different hotel styles and grades, the design of different series of environmental protection and water-saving products, such as comfort, simplicity, and European style, is more in line with the different needs of the current Chinese hotel industry. For example, JaKo Yaqi, Quiet Meditation, Rowjo Laimei Aimea and KimLan Jinlang and other high-quality environmental protection faucets, unique configuration of silent water-saving technology and Taiwan imported ceramics, while providing hotels with super-star quality enjoy Ensure the user's health and environmental protection and comfortable water experience.

In the future, YOROOW bathroom manufacturers will further develop and focus on high-end hotel market projects, continue to serve the hotel industry with continuous technological innovation and quality upgrades, and develop more new products suitable for the hotel industry according to the individual needs of different hotels. And set up a special hotel business service department to provide detailed solutions from all aspects of technical consultation, such as product pre-sales, measurement, installation, and maintenance.