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High-end brand YOROOW sanitary ware manufacturers lock star hotel market

Posted on April 01 2022

Jiuzheng Building Materials Net News: China as the world's factory, bathroom faucets brands both in domestic and global market, relying on product quality and price advantage is cost most dust on Monday, but in the high-end market, especially star hotel market, foreign investment has been occupies most share bathroom faucet brand, "the vast majority of star hotel are in the habit of only bathroom faucet brand in introducing foreign capital, Domestic brands to enter "the industry recognized consensus view, but at the same time, with the rise of domestic bathroom faucet brands and consumers on the domestic brand awareness, more and more national bathroom faucet brand are layout to grab all sorts of stars, chain hotels, clubs, buildings, and other high-end market, as a high quality brand positioning is one of the friends of sanitary ware manufacturer.

In recent years, China's hotel market has been developing rapidly. According to statistics, there are more than 40,000 star-rated and non-star-rated hotels in China, and the annual growth rate is 6%, while the number of five-star hotels has an annual growth rate of more than 15%. About 2,000 new hotels are put into use every year, and the market procurement scale reaches one trillion yuan. International sanitary faucet brands such as Japan and the United States quickly occupy the high-end hotel market in China with first-mover advantage. At present domestic brand in the high-end market possession ratio is around 10%, only for this phenomenon, lai sanitary ware manufacturer sales manager d say friends, there is a certain reason, the international sanitary ware brand start earlier, long more than one hundred years, short of the five hundred and sixty years, regardless of the brand management, enterprise scale and financial strength has certain advantages. However, with the rapid development and resource accumulation in the past ten or twenty years, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises are no less inferior than foreign brands in terms of product appearance, function configuration, quality, technological innovation and service quality. A lot of famous brand of faucet that defend bath abroad undertakes sticking a brand to produce by Chinese manufacturer actually.

As on behalf of the Chinese quality famous brand bathroom faucets, your friend lai sanitary ware manufacturer and high end market orientation, humanized design and exquisite manufacturing technology, focusing on the domestic and foreign star, high-end, chain business hotel in the market, not only popular in domestic market, senior merchandiser in southeast Asia has also been one to praise, Youlai brand has won the honor of "China famous Brand", "Top ten Engineering Sanitary ware Brand", "China Engineering Green Recommended Product", "Top ten faucet Brand" and so on. In addition, for different hotel styles and grades, youlai design different series of environmental protection, water saving products such as comfort, simplicity, European style, more in line with the different needs of the current Chinese hotel industry. For example, JaKo, Quiet, Rowjo, KimLan and many other high-quality environmental protection faucet, unique configuration of Quiet water-saving technology and Taiwan imported ceramics, to provide the hotel with super star quality enjoyment, but also to ensure the user's health and environmental protection and comfortable water experience.

In the future, youlai sanitary ware manufacturers will further develop and focus on high-end hotel market projects, to continue technological innovation and quality upgrade to better serve the hotel industry, according to the personalized needs of different hotels to develop more suitable for the hotel industry new products. And the establishment of a special hotel business service department, from the product pre-sale, measurement, installation, maintenance and other aspects of technical advice and after-sales services to provide detailed solutions.