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High-end sanitary ware brand YOROOW Sanitary ware Guangzhou branch was established

Posted on April 01 2022

June 2014 -YOROOW Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. officially announced the establishment of a branch in Guangzhou. The branch will be responsible for the channel support, business, and after-sales service in south China.

With the advancement of China's urbanization process and the popularity of hardcover finished products, the bathroom industry is entering a golden period of development. "The establishment of Youlai Sanitary ware Guangzhou branch can effectively support local distribution channels and market development, expand brand influence, but also let more end customers enjoy the products and services of Youlai brand, is to achieve the long-term development strategy of Youlai brand and improve the effective means of service quality. Mr. Lin Li of director of guangzhou branch of company of friend lai wei yu limited company expresses.

In addition to guangzhou branch, friends lai wei yu will plan in the next few years in many provinces, cities, and regions to set up many branches, offices and brand marketing support center, further achieve brand strategic layout, strengthen the market network laid and brand construction.

You Lai star hotel designated sanitary ware brand

Youlai Sanitary ware Co., LTD., formerly known as Youlai sanitary ware factory, is located in China's plumbing production base: Nan 'an city, Fujian province. Youlai is a high-end sanitary ware brand, flower shower and other hardware plumbing manufacturers. Youlai has been providing sanitary products for star hotels, senior club buildings. JOROOW, a well-known sanitary ware brand, is a designated sanitary ware brand in star hotels.

Youlai sanitary ware factory brand products through the international authoritative laboratory "SGS" and "CE" certification. Youlai brand has a good reputation, has won the "China project green recommended products" and "excellent hotel bathroom brand design" and other honors.

Youlai sanitary ware manufacturer brand focus on product quality and user experience, and strive to deliver the most real value to customers, with excellent design and exquisite technology, continue to improve the bathroom space experience.