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High-end sanitary ware brand YOROOW sanitary ware market is sought after

Posted on April 01 2022

Sanitary ware brand products in addition to being necessities circulation mass market, at the same time as the sanitary ware brand, with characteristics of industrial products in engineering decoration market occupies an important position, according to statistics, China's sanitary engineering market scale in 2014 up to 25 billion yuan, it only for sanitary brand, brand is a big cake. However, not all sanitary ware brands have advantages in the engineering market. In the early stage of the sanitary ware market, foreign brands occupy most of the market share of high-end sanitary ware in China with high quality and perfect service. However, with the rise of national sanitary ware brands, Like nine mu, friends lai, Heng Jie, European Union, Shen Luda and other strength of the national sanitary brand began to enter the star hotel, hardcover real estate, office buildings and other high-end market sanitary projects.

The engineering market is a good standard to examine the quality of sanitary ware brands

Can not all wei yu brand brand in sanitary engineering market welcome and accepted, a decoration project from the start, bidding to finalized, go through the strict assessment and selection, engineering major customer relative mass purchasing market, have sufficient professional knowledge and ability to identify products, in the process of project bidding, The quality, price, performance, after-sale service, product style and brand awareness of the sanitary ware brand are all important factors affecting the final bidding of the project. It takes more than 8 years for a set of sanitary products to be installed and used in decoration engineering. Any problem or defect of a product during this period will affect the quality of the whole project and the user experience of the product. Therefore, every decoration project to the choice of sanitary brand products need to be considered comprehensively from all aspects, from the other side, the engineering market can also be a good test of a sanitary brand products, quality effective method.

From business to civil youlai high-end brand sanitary ware project preferred

As a member on behalf of the Chinese wei yu brand of brand, your friend lai sanitary ware manufacturer and humanized product design and exquisite production process, get great welcome in domestic engineering sanitary ware market, friends, brand wei yu brand is widely used in star-rated hotel, economy hotel chain, hardcover, homes, hospitals and schools, and other fields. Youlai sanitary ware brand has also won the "China famous brand", "Ten engineering sanitary ware brands", "China engineering green recommended products" and other honors.

According to youlai sanitary ware manufacturer sales manager Lin Li introduced, Youlai sanitary ware manufacturer has been to star hotel sanitary ware project, in star hotel market high-quality demand, from product design, casting, electroplating to packaging, our colleagues in the workshop to cultivate a cautious attitude to product quality control. Youlai extends the target to the civilian sanitary ware brand market, which will be conducive to youlai sanitary ware manufacturers with high quality image, establish a good reputation and brand influence in the terminal mass market, in the future, Youlai sanitary ware manufacturers sanitary ware brand brand will accelerate the development of the market, especially the development of sanitary ware engineering market, Let more domestic consumers experience the high quality sanitary ware brand products.