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How can sanitary ware manufacturers improve the passenger flow of terminal stores

Posted on April 01 2022

The passenger flow of bathroom terminal stores is closely related to the sales of bathroom manufacturers and dealers. The current bathroom market is highly competitive and many bathroom dealers are left out. How can we solve the problem of insufficient passenger flow in stores? Xiaobian suggests trying to promote this move in the community. Doing a good job in community promotion can not only guide consumption and improve brand image, but also strive for better and more production space and resources for itself.

It is clear that the users of bathroom brand products are mainly the owners of newly decorated houses, and the community has become the core of our out of store promotion. As for the promotion of the community, many sanitary ware dealers are no strangers. Now when entering any newly opened community, building materials advertising has already been overwhelming and everywhere. Building materials products into the community is a double-edged sword for the brand. Strong marketing will often be rejected by customers, and it will do great harm to the reputation of the brand. Even dealers pursuing profit contribution should not sacrifice brand image for short-term sales.

When sanitary ware manufacturers do promotion activities for the community, the first thing to do is to ensure that the brand reputation is not affected. The communication with the owner should be carried out in the way of "sneaking into the night with the wind and moistening things silently", rather than encircling, chasing and intercepting, and indiscriminate bombing of telephone and SMS. In the community, we often see small advertisements like dog skin plaster pasted everywhere, promotional leaflets with big price cuts and big discounts, door and window cracks stuffed everywhere, and community security guards guard against building materials product promotion salesmen like thieves. In order to gain some success in the promotion of the community, we must establish a brand promotion as the core, obtain the support of the property, instill the brand into potential customers in a planned and step-by-step way, and get customers' good impression of your company's brand and products at the first time.

Community advertising is the best way to achieve brand communication. The biggest advantage of this form of advertising is that the target customers are clear and the effective arrival rate is high. It is especially suitable for building materials products such as sanitary ware. Of course, the forms of community advertising are also diverse. In the past, many products like to compete for the frame advertising of residential elevator, which is a hard advertising way. Xiaobian suggested that if possible, it should be put in the form of implantable advertising, such as a sign to remind the owner of loving flowers and plants. In addition to the prompt information, if you add the enterprise name, it is a good form of advertising placement, "XX product reminds you that everyone is responsible for loving flowers and plants." implantable advertising should first obtain the approval of the property, As long as you provide warm reminders of various public facilities in the community and the overall design scheme, and then suggest to the property that these signs should be provided by you for free. Generally, the property welcomes this practice. With the support of the property, the promotion of the community will be half successful.

One-on-one visit to the owner is another core action of community promotion. Most of the owners buy houses for decoration for the first time, so they are not familiar with and understand the bathroom brand products. They especially need professionals to provide them with some suggestions. If your promoters are more professional and tell customers how to choose a good product in the process of home visit, rather than deliberately emphasizing how cost-effective to buy your store's products, the general owners still welcome these community promoters. The choice of script and time is very important for community promoters to make effective home visits and successfully intercept the scene in the community. If your script is eager to promote products and ask customers to place orders on site, the effectiveness of success is certainly not strong. If your script is to tell customers about product use knowledge and purchase standards, many customers will take the initiative to ask about your products. As for the time of home visit, since most owners arrive at the decoration site only when they are not working, the morning and evening are the best time to visit.

In the process of one-on-one visit, in addition to brand and product promotion, the owner's information collection is very important. With comprehensive owner information and project progress, it is conducive to the second follow-up visit of promotion personnel until the transaction is concluded. Many times, it is difficult for bathroom promoters to meet the owners at the decoration site. They often meet workers such as water electricians and painters. In fact, their information industry is very important, especially hydropower workers, which will also affect customers' purchase decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good communication with these people.