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How deep is the difference between copper faucet and stainless steel faucet

Posted on April 02 2022

How deep is the difference between copper faucet and stainless steel faucet...

Nowadays, every household has a faucet. Its use brings great convenience to our water use. It allows us to freely control the water output and use water reasonably, and it is not easy to cause waste of water resources. There are many types of faucet materials on the market, and the faucet materials generally include:

1. Ferro-carbon alloy cast iron faucet (easy to rust and pollute the water source, the country has expressly prohibited it)

2. ABS plastic faucet (more engineering use, lower grade, short life)

3. Zinc alloy faucet (easy to rust and aging affect water quality, and there is a hidden danger of rupture and leakage)

4. All copper faucet (copper alloy sterilization, corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable)

5. 304 stainless steel faucet (lead-free, good hardness and toughness, durable)

Faucets of different materials have different characteristics. Which one is better for copper and stainless steel faucets? What is the difference between copper and stainless steel faucets? Let's take a look at the copper and stainless steel faucet which is better!

1. Which is better for all copper and stainless steel faucets?

1 What are the advantages of all-copper faucets

Compared with faucets made of other materials, it has many advantages. It has good antibacterial properties and can effectively kill bacteria in the faucet. Even if the tap water bursts and foreign objects enter, we don’t have to worry about the bacteria in the drinking water. Infect. The all-copper faucet also has good cutting performance, good wear resistance and easy processing, but the price is more expensive.


Copper faucets can be divided into non-standard copper, national standard copper, and other copper faucets according to their materials. At present, some high-end faucets at home and abroad are made of copper.

2 Advantages of stainless steel faucet

The faucet of this material is more common. Compared with the copper faucet, it has higher hardness, better toughness, no maintenance and care, and it is more worry-free to use. The stainless steel faucet is environmentally friendly. It does not contain lead and will not produce peculiar smell when used. It can effectively ensure the quality of the water is healthy and hygienic, and will not pollute the water quality. The surface of the stainless steel faucet is processed by a polishing process, its appearance has a silver luster, and the hand feels smooth and delicate. Its acid and alkali resistance is good, it is not easy to corrode, and its surface will never rust and never deform.


2. What is the difference between stainless steel faucet and copper faucet?

1. If the comparison is made from the surface technology, the stainless steel material will be even better. The surface of the stainless steel faucet is polished and polished, and the surface of its product can always maintain a silver-white luster and never rust.

The surface treatment method of copper faucet is mostly nickel or chromium electroplating. Its electroplating layer depends on its quality. The copper faucet will gradually lose its surface luster in one year when the fastest is the fastest, and 10 years slower, and there will be pitting, peeling of the electroplated layer, and exposed copper rust.



2. If compared from the use situation, the copper faucet will contain lead to varying degrees after a period of use, and even the phenomenon of long copper rust; and the stainless steel products are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, not corroded, and will not release harmful substances, and The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper.



3. The price issue

The price of pure copper faucet is about twice as expensive as stainless steel faucet. If the home is mainly "practical", it is better to use stainless steel faucet for kitchen and bathroom!


Of course, it does not mean that the pure copper faucet must be unreliable. However, the building materials industry is too deep, if you look for copper, you should try to buy it as expensive as possible. If your kitchen uses a copper faucet that is cheaper than 200, it is true that you should change it as soon as possible for the health of your family.


Rather than entangled with stainless steel or full copper, it is better to spend more time buying products with reliable sources and conforming to national standards. It is not recommended to buy products whose prices are significantly lower than the market average. If you want to save dozens of yuan and 100 yuan, don't save it here. The water used by the faucet is closely related to your health. Buying zinc alloy may not be worth the loss.